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Ep. 37 - The Producer (Part 1) - All the Young Transformer Idiots

As well as being a famed mime, spokes person for the Bursting Movement and sometime singer Dear David Bowie was also known sit behind the mixing desk. Occasionally he would bless another artists track with his alien sparkle. Join Adam and Mike in the first part of a delve into the songs and albums Bowie had a hand in writing, producer and parping on the sax.

Up for discussion:‘The Idiot’, how good?

Why did no one tell us about Dana Gillespie?Why didn’t they call Visconti sooner?

How much would you like to hear the Heather Small/Lesley Garrett version of ‘Perfect Day’

Why couldn’t David keep his hand away from the fader?

Bless you for coming back.x

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