Pinegrove have been relatively quiet of late, not only in the amount of material released, but also in their music. The bands newest release, “Amperland, NY” is a soundtrack accompanying their film of the same name. The soundtrack serves as reworked songs from their previous albums. The band sees the movie as a “way of honoring the house that had acted as home, recording studio and important creative haven for their last two albums” and the album feels the same. Instead of trying to force new material, the band gives us updated and reworked versions of songs from previous releases.

Each track feeling familiar yet new. The revamped and arranged tracks, find a delicate balance that is tough to do, and something the band has always done excellently is the transitions from song to song. With their catalogue at their disposal, Pinegrove creates a seamless record that feels as if they put together a set list for a live show. The three song arc “Morningtime”, “Sunday” and “Alcove” play extremely well together.

The record begins breezy and fun with “Moment”, showcasing the band’s range in their sound. Their influences from rock to folk to jazz are evident and clear. The record closing with “Intrepid” is a great choice, ramping up to big sounds and showing off thier skills, the band clearly understands the idea of creating a full experience in the records (which only adds to the depth of this being a soundtrack).

With all the positives about the record it is after all, just a touch up of old songs. The band’s last few releases have been reworking of past material which leaves us wondering if the band has run out of steam, are working on new material and want to fill the gaps in-between or because the band has made a significant turn in maturity they feel as if their previous work doesn’t stand up to their standards now. If that’s the case, this album could be a precursor to some innovative and amazing new material they have been building and perfecting.