Touche Amore “Lament” / album review

Touche Amore know when to speed up and slow down, they will typically do the first when opening up an album. They waste little time getting you into an emotional and energetic state. “Come heroine” kicks in the door and pounds in your chest within the first 15 seconds of “Lament”, the newest album from the band.

We got a taste of what potentially the next evolution could be from the band when they released “Deflector” last year, a protypical TA track, emotionally cutting lyrics matched with the heavy and balanced sound of the band giving relief when needed. What’s great is this teaser barely scratched the surface of what the band has in store. “A broadcast” comes out of the right field with more twang and blues sound, and the closing track “A forecast” with an essence of La Dispute and flashbacks to “Condolences” from their 2011 release “Parting the sea between brightness and me”. With echoing and haunting piano, the track is the perfect slow burn building to a wall of sound that is nothing short of a brilliant pay off.

“Lament” hits you hard with a verse that I don’t believe anyone who is a fan of TA would think otherwise gearing in a song and yet still comes as an emotional surprise that is powerful, “you think by now I would know my place / but I lose it almost every day / you’d think by now I‘d have a grip / but again I’ve let it slip”. “I say the wrong thing / at the perfect time” fills the chorus of “Feign” with relentless connection to anyone listening.

An aspect of the band that has always stood out is that no matter the production value, the content, or how their sound evokes, Touche Amore has always been able to capture that basement punk sound and kept that same mentality. They are aware enough to know what they are and what they do best, and with that they build upon and stretch their abilities to something new and brilliant every time they release an album or single.