You know why you’re here and you and I both know why you’re reading this, because there’s something that resonates with you from IDLES. Be it Joe Tallot’s insanely powerful and emotional vocals, or Lee Kiernan and Mark Bowen’s ridiculous guitar work that never lets up or Adam Devonshire and Jon Beavis’s chest pounding rhythm sections…. there’s a lot to love about this band. IDLES, in the grand scheme of things, are a younger band.

The political nature of the band is very upfront and they are not shy of where they stand. As most political rock bands go, the focused sub genre felt stale in sound. Enter IDLES. With a sound that is theirs and theirs only, the fellas come crashing back with “Ultra Mono”. From the opening moments of “War” you’ll feel your chest and brain pulsating from the heavy and “in-your-face-ness”, so there’s no need to go to the doctor it’s going to be a common reaction.

The band starts with a strong hold and does not let go. With “Grounds” whirling guitar riff and a rally chant of “Do you hear that thunder? / That’s the sound of strength in numbers” and the come to know grunts and guttural sounds from Tallot, the second track is a stand out not only on the record, but could easily say of the year.

The ridiculousness and cleverness of the verses of “Mr. Motivator” are amazing to hear with the gruffness and honesty of the band… “I am I / And I intend to go, go, go / Like Conor McGregor with a samurai sword / On roller blades / Like Vasily Lomachenko / After four pints of Gatorade / Like Kathleen Hanna with bear claws / Grabbing Trump by the p**** / Like Delia Smith after ten chardonnays / Making me a nice cookie/ How’d you like them clichés?”

IDLES creates a sound that makes you want to drive fast, punch a wall and be in the center of a mosh pit… if were possible all at once. The band keeps true to what they have created as a band in terms of their political stance and sound. It may not feel like this record is something revolutionary in terms of sound, but because of the nature of this band, they will always have topics to create around and because of that it will always feel new and energetic.