Your autumn can finally begin. There are records and bands that I think everyone associates with a season or particular weather. There’s something much more powerful driving with the windows down blasting pop or pop-punk music. The atmosphere somehow feels perfectly aligned. With Fleet Foxes, there’s something about the music that makes you want to throw on a sweater or cardigan, grab a hot tea or coffee, and cozy up with the album. “Shore” clocks in just around an hour long, which feels longer than a normal record put out lately, but the dreamy and whimsical tracks carry you effortlessly for the entire time.

“Wading in waist high water” begins the record with the perfect balance of energy and peacefulness. Horns accompany a simplistic guitar riff at the ending of the track allowing a beautiful transition into “Sunblind”.
“Can I believe you” is easily one of the catchiest songs you’ve heard in a while, you’ll find yourself humming along long after the track had finished (or maybe that’s just me). There are moments, like any other fleet fox song where there’s a lyric that hits you in the gut and somehow without knowing you perfectly encapsulate something you’re feeling. “Can I believe you when you say I’m good? I didn’t need to when I wished you would”

“I’m not my season” stands tall with a quiet hum, a more stripped down and beautiful expression of the bands talent. With the track falling inbetween two more energetic and upbeat songs, it’s a testament to the band that they are able to balance the emotion and energy of each track giving a soothing flow from top to bottom.

With everything positive about the record there is a moment where you feel that there’s nothing too shocking or revolutionary with what Fleet Foxes have done with “Shore”, but ultimately that’s not a bad thing. See fleet foxes seem to be one of the more consistent bands over the last five or six years. So when they announce a new album, there’s an expectation to be met and they have every single time. This record is well executed and beautifully performed. For new fans this is a great first listen, for older fans this is exactly what you wanted when you heard about a new album.