Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat, the vocals in this album are going to completely overwhelm you, in the best way. Catrin Vincent’s vocals are haunting and some of the most unique that you. or I, or anyone has heard in a long time. And not unique in a way where it’s bad and stands out, in a way like when you first heard the band Circa Survive or Florence and The Machine and you were completely blown away by the power and emotion conveyed.

Atmospheric sounds with sparks of inspiration from Radiohead and mewithoutyou, the band taps into not only fans of those bands but creates a unique and symbiotic sound. ‘How Long’, the opening track is a perfect example of this, the three and a half minute mostly instrumental ebbs and flows perfectly while leading into the ridiculously catchy ‘Fell In Love With The City’. With energy surging from the instruments, Vincent’s vocals are truly highlighted and showcased. Within the first two tracks Another Sky truly shows how they won’t be defined by one aspect of the band, it’s a cohesive effort

‘Brave Face’ and ‘Avalanche’ are big sweeping epic sounding songs, you can imagine them being played in big arenas. While ‘All Ends’ proves their ability to slow things down when necessary and still giving you beautifully crafted lyrics and strong technique through their instrumentals.

For a debut, Another Sky has left a strong impression among the music community. With some EP’s on their resume the band has an extremely strong showing with I Slept On The Floor. The record as a whole is executed with excellence, showcasing technique and free flowing sound that is hard to blend together. The band has a bright future ahead of them if this is the first big step they take.

I Slept On The Floor is out now and available to buy here.