Twenty minutes, four songs. Trust me, I know a lot of bands have released EPs that are b-sides, odds and ends – just material not making it to the album. What Twin Peaks have created in Side A (and intentionally or not poking fun at the above statement) is great. In the beginning of the year the band stated they were working on material for a new album. At this point you’re going to say I’m going to contradict myself because this collection of music isn’t what made the new album. BUT you’d be wrong. The beautiful part of this chaotic year, is that although the band weren’t able to come together and record a full album, rather than put off everything, they came together and recorded the vocals from separate locations. This EP feels more of a prelude than leftovers.

The four tracks whirl by, giving you fast upbeat tracks, “slow jams” and songs that have texture. It’s undeniably indie. Bluesy riffs start everything off, ‘What’s The Matter’ has a strong balance of the whimsical play with the instruments and the gentleness of the singing. ‘Whistle In The Wind (End Of Everything)’ is driven by a bouncy drum beat and guitar solos. The band slows everything down, keeping true to their sound on ‘Any More Than You Want’, and in doing so ramp up for the EP’s closing track ‘Above/Below’. The six minute track plays like a jam session, with each member of the band having highlights and the final result feeling effortless.

This EP is a strong showing for Twin Peaks, giving us a peek their new music and with this look we have a lot to be excited for.

Side A is out now and available to buy here.