The Lawrence Arms have been a staple for over twenty years in the punk/alternative scene. Releasing consistently in the early 2000’s, this is the trio’s first release in around six years, and completely worth the wait. Skeleton Coast is a quick spin with 14 tracks clocking in under 35 minutes, which will give you more reason for continuous listening.

The summer brings road trips, sing-alongs on said road trips and blasting those songs with the windows down. The Lawrence Arms have created an album perfectly suited for just that. With obvious influence from bands like Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers and The Smoking Popes, it is easy to see why the band has a way with creating fun yet personal songs

Although not a massive leap in creativity, there doesn’t seem to be a need for it. With the genre of music they make, consistency is key. The band doesn’t stray too far away from their comfort zone, but you don’t mind while feeling the energy surge through as the album pushes on.

The tracks buzz forward with energy and emotion holding your your head up and pushing racing, not for too long with most tracks under three minutes apiece. Tracks like ‘Quiet Storm’, an aggressive and strong opener to the album, “Dead Man’s Coat” and “How To Rot” will have you head banging and listening again and again to get the choruses and verses right so you can scream along.

The closer, ‘Coyote Crown’ is the longest track at three and a half minutes, and beautifully closes the bookend on the album. With most of the songs being exclamation points, this feels like the mark of a period and not in a tacky or forced way.

For cult like fans of the band and for those that Skeleton Coast will be the first listen to of the band, this will click with everyone who is a fan of the genre. There are far more high notes than low points from top to bottom, just don’t be expecting something that revolutionizes the wheel, it keeps it moving.

Skeleton Coast is out now and available to buy/stream here.