It’s that time of the console cycle – the reveal! So it’s time to jump into Sony’s PS5 reveal stream to get an outlook on their upcoming games and of course, the PlayStation 5 itself.

The stream kicks off with a bit of a sour point for me, a blatantly paid for spot from Rockstar to let everyone know that GTA V will stretch to a third console generation. It’s a little confusing as to why they would show off not even their latest release, but I won’t dwell too much on that.

Sony kick things off properly however with the next snippet, one which most had predicated would be shown off, but nether the less it is great to see a follow up to one of the PS4s crowning games, Spiderman. We’re treated to the news that the sequel will be headed up by Miles Morales, with stunning visuals of a mix of cinematics and gameplay and will be with us at the tail end of 2020. This is the way to start the reveal.

It’s time for PlayStation staples next, with both a new Gran Turismo and Rachet & Clank. It’s difficult to really judge the new GT, with Microsoft having taking control of the driving game scene recently. Visually it is jaw dropping, but it will have to wait to be judged properly until we are able to feel how the game drives – so to say. You can’t say the same with the R&C trailer/show off however. Story continuation, new gameplay dynamics and the usual excellence of combat are highlighted. I won’t delve too deep into Rift Apart, I’ll save that for our ‘First Impressions’ coming up over the next few days.

The slew of game reveals continues with something this current gen has been lacking, new IP’s. Square Enix showcased Project Athia which takes the graphical crown for me from the whole presentation, with what looks like a Lara Croft/Fantasy mix going on and Stray seems to unveil a world of robots where you purr-trol the streets as a future-living kitty (the meow of which during the trailer called both of my own felines to the TV).

We aren’t even halfway through as Returnal is shown off, which looks like someone shoved Gears of War, Edge of Tomorrow and the bullet-hell genre into a blender. Destuction Allstars ticks a whole load of boxes for me (mainly my destruction derby box) and Kena: Bridge of Spirits gives me Trolls/Kameo vibes.

Sony seem to be throwing all their main line titles out and I love it. A reveal of a Sackboy stand alone title (a wise move as I feel Little Big Plant had stagnated slightly) and what appears to be a different twist on a new Oddworld title, where you control a swarm of Mudokons. Later on we are even shown a sequel to Astro Bot. However strangely there is no mention of the PSVR, which is quite concerning. Previously there was talk that the current set up and headset would carry over generation, but with no PSVR games shown off, is this a sign that information is incorrect? It would be good to get some confirmation and clarification from Sony before the release of the new console.

More games are highlighted from a huge variety of studios – in total the livestream showed off over 25 games. The final chapter of the Hitman trilogy is shown off, Hitman III, which will hopefully give us the conclusion to this iteration of Agent 47, Deathloop seems to be a mix between John Wick and Dishonoured and Bugsnax is Bugsnax. I can’t describe what I saw there – the only option is to go and watch it yourself, I’m still asking myself if I took some LSD that randomly kicked in.

A Demon Souls remake is revealed – please give me this sooner rather than later, it’s been a while since I cried myself to sleep muttering Git Gud – followed up by a new Resident Evil. VIII-age (very clever Capcom) looks to continue the styling of Biohazard’s first person style and seemingly brings Werewolves into the RE universe. With how jaw dropping RE:VII was and how amazing the RE2 and RE3 remakes were, the hype for this is real.

The last game reveal seems to mirror the Spiderman trailer, as another PS4 wunderkid is being given a sequel – Horizon: Forbidden West. Zero Dawn is still a must buy for any PS4 owner and it seems to be that Forbidden West is a straight continuation of the story. Games wise, Sony seem to be pulling out all the gems. The only thing potentially missing is the Orange Bandicoot and Purple Dragon, but I have hope.

Finally – we get our look at the hardware. Swooping shots of white curves and the jet black centre column give us the final shape of the PS5. It’s hard to judge the actual size of it, but I can’t help but make the same comparison to a Wi-Fi hub that countless others have made. However it looks like one of the Wi-Fi hubs that I would leave out on the side (rather than bury behind the sofa – Virgin Superhub). It has a great contrast with the colour, however I can’t help but hope they bring out a black version, as I feel like it’s very much going against the grain from the PS2 through 4.
It’s a damn shame that they’re pushing out a digital only console however. Sony and Microsoft need to start to understand the digital market if they want people to pick up these editions, with digital games being commonly far more expensive than buying the game in hand. I won’t touch on this topic further, I’ll save it for a full article in the coming months, but it left a sour taste in my mouth.

Overall – I feel Sony have done quite well with their reveal. The mixture of games is obviously the highlight, with a wonderful spread of brand new IP’s and sequel/continuations of strong brands. It’s great to finally see the console, truly highlighting that the three titans of video games are going to be handling this generation in their own ways.

But then again, this is all my opinion. What do you think?