This just in! Read all about it! Indie game developer, Right Nice Games, is planning to bring back Skylar & Plux in a massive way by rebooting the franchise:

Judging by the tweet, the graphics have definitely undergone a major overhaul and Skylar’s armour is slightly different from the armour she wore in Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island. No one knows which direction Right Nice Games is planning to take it but there’s one thing for sure, everyone is in for a major treat. 

Here is a recap: The story follows the main heroine, Skylar Lynxe, and her sidekick, Plux Owlsly, and her talking mechanical arm. Together they embark on an adventure to save Clover Island from the main antagonist, CRT, and his robotic henchmen. Along the way, they discover gadgets which will aid them in their quest and rescue the island’s inhabitants from CRT’s evil clutches. During their escapade, Skylar and Plux traverse many lands to obtain Fuses (colourful orbs) to power the Siphon (a gigantic machine) which is said to stop CRT and his underlings in their tracks. 

In 8th June, the official Skylar & Plux Twitter account uploaded a new tweet to showcase a concept art of one of the levels in the upcoming Skylar & Plux reboot: 

In the meantime, keep up to date with Right Nice Games and Skylar & Plux on their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube