Kodaline - One Day at a Time


Kodaline’s fourth studio album is commercially “sound as a pound” and thoroughly arena-worthy. It’s an expected and comfortable offering but definitely doesn’t fail to deliver goosebumps.

These Irish pop-rockers are as uplifting and sentimental as ever and really bring the crowd-pleasers with this album. While there is something about it that doesn’t quite hit the mark, it’s brilliantly produced, and there is an undeniable lyrical depth present throughout.

When it comes to the tracklist, the likes of ‘Wherever You Are’ and ‘Saving Grace’ have the singalong vibe we all need at times like this. Both were offered up as singles before the release of the album and have proved to be successful promotional tools, especially with the postponement of Kodaline’s homecoming shows at the Olympia in Dublin that were initially intended to be an album launch series of performances.



‘Sometimes’ is one of the more enthusiastic songs, containing toe-tapping beats and slightly mismatched lyrics that work together effortlessly to pull together something bordering on endearing. When it comes to ‘Heart Open’ – which expressly declares itself as “not a sad song” – the vibe shifts slightly, digging deeper to give the soul a gentle nudge.

Closing things out with ‘In the End’ is a bit on the nose, but “we forgive, we forget, and move on.”

Every track has a personality of its own, but each fits the aesthetic of both the album and the band quite nicely. There is a very steady blend of highs and lows – rarely delivering on a teased build-up, but never dropping the ball.



Although maintaining a near anthemic tone throughout, the album fundamentally neither thrills nor disappoints. It’s cohesive in the sense that there’s no stand-alone track, meaning that skipping a song will probably be an uncommon occurrence.

One Day at a Time┬áis ripe for summertime enjoyment; ideal for that socially distanced garden party you’re inevitably going to host for you and three of your closest friends. It’s most certainly not music the neighbours are going to be complaining about.

One Day at a Time is out now. Buy or stream it here.

By Jessica Flynn

Jessica is a twitter nut who hails from the [not so] sunny south east of Ireland. She's known by many names...@roflcopterftw being one of them.