All Ears Avow - Nobody Like You

They’ve done it again.

Drawing a perfect line between rock and pop and then taking a great big wet cloth and blurring it, All Ears Avow have once again come through with an all-out AEA banger.

Only All Ears Avow can do what they do, and they do it to perfection. Comparisons at this point would be silly – AEA have created a mold of their own and filled it with their own brand of uplifting singalong anthems. ‘Nobody Like You’ is everything I want from a band like this, and the band itself is everything I want from the UK scene.

It’s a shame live gigs are off the table for a while, as this would have made for one hell of an addition to their set. But good things come to those who wait, and it shouldn’t be long until they’re touring again and giving us even more music to dance to. But this should definitely tide us over until then. Get it in your ears ASAP.

Nobody Like You is available to stream from today.