Vistas - Summer

I hear you’ve been working on your summer playlist. Well, it’s a good thing, then, that Scottish trio Vistas have dropped the summer song of all summer songs.

It’s called ‘Summer’, and it’s literally about summer – nice, right?



Primed to stand tall and sparkly right at the top of your ‘Summer bangerzz’ playlist, it’s four minutes of pop rock perfection that will see you right through lonely BBQs, sunbathing sessions on your own, sitting in your room longing for socialisation… You get it – we’re spending this summer socially distancing. Boo.

But, with the magic of music on our side, isolation doesn’t have to mean a crappy summer. Stick on Vistas’ new album Everything Changes in the End (out on May 29th) and load up The Sims 4. Because everything does change in the end, and who knows – in four months we might all be out and about, living out our isolation dreams. But for now, we’ve got this.