Loose Fit


Fun and danceable aren’t usually part of the post-punk ethos, but Australian band Loose Fit don’t seem to care about that. On their new self-titled debut EP, the four-piece take all the usual post-punk signifiers – sparse instrumentation, moody atmospheres – and rework them for the dance floor. Their live shows must be amazing, as across this remarkably confident EP, the band show they’re experts at creating songs that are perfectly designed to make packed, sweaty rooms bounce.

Lead single ‘Pull the Lever’ opens the EP strong – a dark, moody post-punk banger crackling with energy, with thumping disco drums and a bassline so catchy it’s frankly evil. The song barely needs anything else – the guitar is used for texture, filling in the space around the central bassline, and a saxophone creeps in only very occasionally. Basically, they know when they’re onto a good thing, and how to give it the room it needs. A good sign for this band going forward.

Second track ‘Riot’ ups the tempo considerably, a cathartic outpouring of nervous energy with the rhythm section still very much right at the forefront of the sound, with a massive yo-yoing bassline sat behind it. Next track ‘Reflux’ slows things down considerably and sees singer Anna Langdon whip the sax out again. The band apparently formed by Langdon and drummer Kaylene Milner after they bonded over their love of experimental music – an influence you can hear best on this track.



The other single from this EP, ‘Black Water’, goes a little weirder again, as Langdon repeatedly sings to “a comforting shadow,” like a high-minded lyrical mantra, before bringing it crashing back down to earth by singing, “with you in the car park,” in just about the most Australian way possible. Final track ‘Delete’ does things a little bit differently, indulging in a bit more of a stop-start structure as she sings, “I will delete you.”

The EP is a great mission statement for Loose Fit – a band who clearly know their way around a banger. ‘Pull the Lever’ in particular is a huge track; one of the best songs of the year so far, and promises big things from this exciting young band.

Loose Fit is available now to buy and stream.