ps4 controller
With a lot more time on my hands and a bit more spare cash video games have become a haven for me. In this time of uncertainty these are the three games that I would recommend you can easily throw yourself into, help you relax or just pass the time.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment

The first of the three 100% free games, Apex Legends is a game you can jump in and out of at your leisure without all too much commitment, perfect for when you don’t know what to play. A first-person shooter by Respawn Entertainment the creators of Titanfall and a splinter from Infinity Ward its combat is fast but fair. Combining elements of hero shooters like Overwatch with the battle royale genre your squad of three (see a pattern emerging) must be the last ones standing out of a total of 60 as the map slowly closes in around you. This is a game that has been optimised and enhanced of many competitive seasons, the current season is the fourth since February 2019, enjoying the addition of new weapons and characters to master. 

Each with their own strengths and weaknesses you can choose from a variety of heroes: the fast-paced Octane will leave your enemies in the dust with his ability stim which makes him significantly faster than his opponents at the cost of 10% of his life. Playing the supporting role, Lifeline, players can heal allies to ready them up for the next conflict and her ultimate care package can drop some of the best loot in the game and Caustic, a mad scientist whose only goal in Apex Legends is to field-test his deadly nox gas with some completely free clinical trials but will it cost him his life.   


Journey by Thatgamecompany

To many, this game will likely need no introduction. Developed by Thatgamecompany and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Journey is almost unilaterally described as a masterpiece. You will never forget the first time you complete this absolutely stunning game. From its jaw-dropping visuals to the exquisite score, Journey will send you on a roller-coaster of emotions and most likely have you crying with either joy or sorrow by its end. Only about 3 hours in length you should sit down and play it in its entirety to get the most out of it as it takes you from sandy dunes to snowy mountains. Without any dialogue, Journey stands on its gameplay alone and is all the better for it as you take on your pilgrimage meeting other players on the way. Like all pilgrimages, this is one you should complete at least once in your life and you will likely be ready to take it up again whenever the mood hits you.

Persona 5

Persona 5 by Atlus

Mixing a meticulously planned social life with a dungeon-crawling RPG this game has plenty to offer to any fan of JRPGs. After school you will be spending time with friends or working your part-time job to improve on the skills you will need to fight back the nightmarish apparitions of other people’s minds. Delving into the utterly bizarre depths of others peoples’ minds to put a stop to their real-world exploits which in many cases are utterly unforgivable. Be it a teacher bully or an abusive foster parent you and your trusted allies must put a stop to their depraved behaviour. Since this is a Shin Megami Tensai game it puts style and the user interface at the heart of the experience you will never be bored looking through its menus or choosing your next attack in battle. 60+ hours long and developed by Atlus this game will keep you occupied during lockdown.