Virtual Pints

TLDR: SG Lewis is a lightweight and burps a lot. His manager doesn’t like it when he gets drunk and plays his new, unreleased music. He’s in isolation in his mum’s attic finishing his album. He’s very good at downing pints of Stella.

The world seems to be imploding, and nothing is the same. Gigs are cancelled. Even Eastenders is only on twice a week now. Pubs, bars, and clubs are closed. Most of us are taking shelter from the Covid-19 pandemic by ‘staying the fuck home’, stuffing our faces with the limited rations we have (thanks greedy panic-buyers) and becoming professional gamers. It’s like that TV show, The Circle that I always wanted to go on, and you know what they say… be careful what you wish for.

SG Lewis, the singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire you’ve probably heard of by now, set to play Brixton Academy in September (providing this has all blown over by then), is currently holed up in isolation. I didn’t know what he looked like, what he sounded like, or where he’s from. But when I heard he was hosting ‘virtual pints’ in his very own SG Lewis pub (aka his mum’s attic – the one where he wrote ‘Warm’), I jumped at the chance for a break from isolation to have a drink at the pub – even if only virtually.


SG Lewis


Fans, friends, and musical collaborators joined him (virtually) in the SGL pub, and there was one rule and one rule only. You must have a bevvy if you want to stay on the stream. Unless you’re Guy from Disclosure recovering from Coronavirus in LA. He got away with it. Both him and Lewis came to the conclusion that when this all ends, the world’s biggest rave needs to happen. I’m in.

What’s SG Lewis’ pint of choice? Stella, of course. Drinking it out of a massive stein, Lewis played some snippets from new music he’s been working on. If anything good is to come out of this strange, strange time in our lives, it’s all the new music we’re gonna get from musicians everywhere forced into productivity. Most of Lewis’ album is ready, and I can tell you that from what I’ve heard, it sounds sharp.

He was on his second pint by 20:15 but wasn’t yet responding to requests from fans to take his shirt off. An old friend from his school days who joined him on the stream didn’t have a pint and was subsequently, and rightfully so, kicked off the stream- I mean, out of the pub.


SG Lewis


The fourth (virtual) guest of the night only had a yoghurt – that totally counts, right? Nope, not by SG Lewis standards. Cut. The fifth guest, however, came through with a Stella and necked the whole thing at Lewis’ request. By 20:25, self-confessed lightweight Lewis claimed that he was “starting to get tipsy.” Bless him.

Now it was time for things to really heat up. The sixth guest – classily drinking red wine that he refused to down – started the heated, topical debate of ‘which Justin Timberlake album is better, Justified or FutureSexLoveSounds?’ SG Lewis commented that he was always a bigger Neptunes fan than Justin Timberlake fan – dangerous words that I’d like to discuss with him at a future time.

This pub chatter was turning into a musical history of JT for all the Gen Z-ers that were too young and not blessed enough to know. What I took from this is that all real-life pubs need to have Justin Timberlake and only Justin Timberlake playing in the background too from now on. My vibe entirely.

Lewis downed another beer, and now it was time for him to play another snippet of a new song. “I’m pissed after three beers; I’m gonna leak the whole album now,” was a sentence that caught the attention of his manager who frantically texted him to stop drinking and stop playing new music. If there’s one thing I respect, it’s a cheeky rebel like SG Lewis.


SG Lewis


Burping like a maniac and flashing a bottle of Corona beer, this was turning into a right good time. Like those nights you don’t plan to go out but and up doing it and having the best time. Except we were all sat at home, smiling through the pain and somewhere, deep within our psyches, we were desperately crying out at what our lives have become.

Collaborator Ruel joined, and for legal reasons surrounding age, SG Lewis was unable to enforce his ‘pint or GTFO’ rule. Ruel was currently having to end his LA trip early to fly back home to Sydney before this gets anymore crazy. Lewis himself was supposed to be in LA from this Monday, but due to the borders being literally closed (yes, our situation is that crazy), he was having to make do with a staycation in his mum’s attic instead. Much better if you ask me.

After some more new music and some more desperate pleas from his manager via text, it was time for the pub of SG Lewis to close. Same again next week?