Dream Wife - Sports!

The all empowering Dream Wife are back with news of a second album to come later this year, and what better way to show it off than a vibrant new single?

‘Sports!’ is the first taste of So When You Gonna…, which drops on July 3rd. A colourful music video matches the energy of the track, which looks at taking the rigid rules of sports and making some of our own. The band claim that inspiration for this track came from playing their own form of badminton during downtime while recording. On Radio 1, they told Annie Mac about the shift from touring relentlessly to sitting down in a studio and needing to do something with their energy, and so ‘Dream Wife Badminton’ was born.



The first and seemingly most important rule is, ‘don’t say sorry’. This became as much a rule in their game as in the studio. Dream Wife say that “Rock n roll is an extreme sport; sport can be anything and everyone can play sports.” It is more about the adrenaline and unapologetically finding joy in any activity, rather than following any rules. Finding fun in the ‘game’, rather than stopping to say sorry if something does not go to plan. It is an idea that can be applied to almost anything in life, a reminder to embrace all moments, and support your ‘team’.

Speaking of teams, Dream Wife have always held strong in their stance on female empowerment, particularly in the music industry, so it only makes sense that So When You Gonna… was recorded with a team full of women. It is something that in this day and age shouldn’t have to be noteworthy. Nevertheless, when you consider that female producers make up for less than 5% of the music industry, it is really important that this band have put their money where their mouth is to celebrate the women that exist in music. It all works in perfect harmony with their will to keep a sense of fun to their album, all while addressing sensitive issues, much like their early single, ‘Somebody’.

Beyond the message of ‘Sports!’, upbeat guitar riffs drive the energy forward, while spoken word elements play as fun and banter. Mantras come a plenty – “Serve it, smash it, win it, own it,” and “Time is money; never apologise,” while the band deliver classic tropes of drum beats to “1…2…3” to build suspense, all while keeping it fresh. The production on this track is slick while retaining that raw bite of Dream Wife energy, making it an exciting introduction to the new album.

So When You Gonna… is out on July 3rd, and you can catch the band live at the following:

28/03 Ritual Union Festival, Bristol

25/04 Are You Listening Festival, Reading

01/05 Sound City Festival, Liverpool
02/05 Stag & Dagger Festival, Edinburgh
03/05 Hit The North Festival, Newcastle

05/06 Wide Awake Festival, London
06/06 Marshall Live, Milton Keynes

24/07 Deer Shed Festival, Topcliffe
26/07 Y Not Festival, Pikehall

By Samantha Mae

Twitter @samaanthamae