Peter Bjorn And John


Swedish indie rock trio Peter Bjorn And John are coming up on some major milestones in 2020. It’s their 20th anniversary as a band and they’re ready to release their ninth full-length album, Endless Dream. The band have a full catalogue filled with dreamy indie pop sounds and have continued to evolve over their two-decade run. The opening track is something special. ‘Music’ is funky, pop-inspired, and feels like the track you have needed to dance to, but didn’t have until now.

Endless Dream balances the emotional and sometimes sad tone of the lyrical content with an upbeat sound. A perfect example is ‘Rusty Nail’, which is a not-so-subtle reminder of that rough patch in your life – or you know – stepping on a rusty nail. A lingering pain or something that grows into something that’s painful. The third verse is catchy and heavy – “A self-taught soft spot, now I know I tried it full stop, didn’t know about it but I know I like it all my life, I’m tangled up now I know its never just black or white, I can’t stop now, its gonna be all my life.”



‘Idiosyncrasy’ and ‘Out of Nowhere’ keep the album moving and grooving with ease. ‘Reason to be reasonable’ and ‘A Week-End’ keep your foot tapping but slow the energy down, giving attention to the vocals and technical skill that a band of this tenure keeps improving and making more effortless with each album.

Again playing with that dynamic, with serious lyrics and pop sound, the band creates ‘On the brink’ that closes out the album on a beautiful note. The chorus, “These things, matters more than we know, and these dreams, sends us to the stars, and this life, is the only one, and your love, is my guide,” and closing chorus, “I’ve been trying hard, yes, I’ve been trying hard, I’ve been trying hard, to let it in,” stand out with power and emotion. Telling a story within the song and album, the band shows growth and closure.

Endless Dream is out this Friday 13th March. Pre-order it here.