Palaye Royale

The fashion-art-rock ‘n’ roll sibling trio are back with a brand new video, and it is absolutely heartbreaking.



‘Lonely’ features some of the most honest and heartbreaking lyrics ever written by frontman Remington Leith and the accompanying music video – which he also directed – is a perfect reflection of the difficult and deeply personal topics addressed by the song of childhood abandonment, mental health issues, and drug use. Speaking of the track, Remington says:

“Lonely is about the mental and physical abuse I endured as a child. Growing up, I went through so much shit, and at points felt so low I couldn’t see a way out. It has affected me deeply throughout my life, but I want the world to know that no matter what you’re going through, if I can make it out on the other side, so can you.”

The band’s third studio album, The Bastards, will be released on Sumerian Records on May 29th.