Coronavirus looks set to have us all on lockdown in the near future, but instead of focusing on the looming gloom, think of all the fun you can have listening to Palmist on your own in your pyjamas. They’re our Introducing band for March, and we think it’s about time you got to know them.

You’re from: Southend-on-Sea in Essex.

Describe your sound: A blend of 80s pop, modern alt-rock, and a little bit of metal.

Your music is for fans of: Issues, Don Broco, The 1975, and Grayscale.

A fact about each of you: Sam was on an episode of the CBBC show Raven. Adam is a sick electrican. Jack’s body contains more energy drink than blood. Brad’s long hair is the source of his drumming abilities. Alex has two dogs, and they’re both very good boys.

How you all met: Sam and Alex played in a band together in 2012. We then met Jack and Adam through mutual friends in the Essex music scene who went on to replace members in a previous band. We finally met Brad when he was suggested to us by our manager when we came to needing a new drummer.

Your band name came from: Basically just brain-storming ideas and seeing what we liked the sound of that hadn’t already been taken by another band. We ended up delving into the whole spirituality and fortune-telling side of stuff and came across Palmist.

So far you’ve released: 2 EPs – The Walls Between You & I at the start of 2019, and Fake Smiles at the end of February 2020.

The best show you’ve played so far: Probably our hometown headliner at the end of 2019. Playing to a sold out room was a great way to end our year.

The worst show you’ve played so far: I can’t remember where it was, but there was a show we played where we’d basically forgotten to plug some bits in and we didn’t get a proper line-check – it was just a get stuff on stage and start playing kind of vibe. Cut to the first song, and no one had a clue we’d even started because half the gear wasn’t actually coming through. Not our most professional moment, to say the least.

Things you’ve got coming up: We’ve got a few shows with the boys in Wolf Culture at the start of April. We’re hitting up Cheltenham, Harrogate & London.

Fake Smiles is out now. Buy it or stream it. Watch the video for ‘NVRB’ below: