Brian Fallon - Local Honey


Brian Fallon creates a sound that sets him aside from the projects he’s most known for – The Gaslight Anthem and The Horrible Crows. By mashing together the sounds of Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, and Sturgill Simpson, Fallon has created the centre of a ven-diagram that everyone desperately needed. His newest release, Local Honey, blends Fallon’s memorable and remarkable voice with a soulful rock sound that sticks with you many days after listening.

The record’s opener, ‘When You’re Ready’, is a deep cut to the heart. Fallon has mentioned the track is about his daughter, which gives a beautiful profoundness to the track. The goosebumps the track will give you feels like you’re listening to a father sing to his daughter at her wedding. “I can’t tell you who to love; I don’t know who that might be. Hope they cheer you up like crazy, sweep you right up off your feet. No, I don’t want you to grow up, cause I don’t want you to leave.”



The album truly feels like every track could be a single; Fallon expresses true emotion and rawness in every track. ‘I don’t mind (If I’m With You)’ captures true love: “I paid for my sins ’til the blood filled the room; I don’t feel any better now; I don’t mind if I’m with you.” He touches on the theme of personal reflection allowing a better partner to be in the relationship with the lyrics, “They set me on fire and I did a lot of burning. Told me I didn’t know things I thought I knew for certain, but I don’t mind.”

Brian Fallon has taken on and executed with perfection the doubts of the past and future, and what could have been or what could be. Fallon captures the moment right now with Local Honey, with themes of reclaiming one’s self, love, and growth. The album not only hits hard right now but will continue to hit hard years after its release.

Local Honey is out tomorrow, 27th March. Pre-order or pre-save it here.