Belmont - Reflections


Belmont have cemented their stature in the pop/prog/punk world with their distinct sound. Their newest release, the Reflections EP, is a bit different in technique and sound, but nevertheless catchy and rhythmically right as ever.

The quintet have a full-length and several EP’s under their belt, giving them a strong sense of who they are as a band and what their fundamental is. With this release, the band recorded in several different places over a decent amount of time, giving each track its own identity among the collective EP. Over the course of that time, the band experimented and explored sounds they wanted to try out to see what came of it. ‘By My Side’ may be the strongest example of this; opening the six-song collection, the track starts off with a more emo-rap sound. Keeping with that sample in different parts of the song, it breathes fresh air into the band.



‘Stay up’ feels very Silverstein-influenced with screams in sections and heavy riffs. ‘Deadweight’ sounds like the perfect blend of new and the sound you’re accustomed to with Belmont. The other three tracks hold strong as heavy breakdowns with their traditional pop/prog/punk.

A constant throughout the album is the feeling of a heavy metalcore influence, allowing the band to capture a new audience while keeping true to the roots. Belmont proves that when bands are left to their own devices, they are able to create a unique sound that’s not alienating or stretching their creativity to the point of feeling ingenuine.

Reflections is out now. Buy or stream it here.