Police officer Frank Penny (Aaron Eckhart) chases and takes down violent criminal Max Keller (James Hutchison III) all in the line of duty, but in doing so starts a life-changing game of cat and mouse.

Keller’s brother, Dean (Ben McKenzie) has kidnapped the young daughter of police Captain Volk (Giancarlo Esposito), and Max was the only link to finding her.

With young vlogger Ava (Courtney Eaton) following and live broadcasting Frank, the two are drawn into a race against time to find the girl before her time runs out and Dean wins…

Packed full of shaky computer-enhanced explosions and blue-screen stuntwork, this by the books action thriller attempts to bring vlogging and police thrillers together for a modern take on the genre. Sadly, it takes far too many shortcuts with little depth to make it wholly worthwhile for what it tries to be.

That said, the premise works, for the most part, thanks to Eckhart. Giving it his all as tough-talking, trigger happy cop Frank Penny, Eckhart doesn’t stop from the first few minutes in chasing, shooting, punching and shouting down the bad guys to find a kidnapped girl before her time runs out. He sells the tormented Penny as well as he can,  playing the all-American hero cop with gusto.

Sadly, his “partner” holds both him and the film back. Vlogger Ava Brooks played by 24 year old Courtney Eaton of Mad Max: Fury Road and Gods Of Egypt fame. The notion of a random vlogger managing to side with an on duty police offer just because she wins him around with the idea of capturing the truth on video just sounds as ridiculous as it plays out. Eaton and Eckhart may have worked well together in some other on-screen partnership, but as a cop and a vlogger, it just comes over daft, especially as the two partake in car chases, shoot-outs and escaping exploding buildings.

Coupled with the sickly notion of uniting a community who watch the live videos to help search for the girl, it works out as the worst Hollywood flash-mob in cinema history trying to make social media and live vlogging cool. Never mind trying to put your phone down to help people trapped in burning cars, instead watch it all on live TV and become social media stars!

From what stars of with some decent potential, some relentless action over the first half-hour and a manic, script chewing villain in the guise of Ben McKenzie soon falls off the rails.

Dir: Steven C. Miller

Scr: Jeremy Drysdale

Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Ben McKenzie, Courtney Eaton, Giancarlo Esposito, Jessica Lu, Dina Meyer

Prd: Martin Sprock, Renee Tab, Christopher Tuffin, Tiffany Stone, Scott LaStaiti, Skip Williamson, Craig Chapman & Myles Nestel

DOP: Brandon Cox

Music: The Newton Brothers

Country: United States

Year: 2019

Run time: 93mins

This Signature Entertainment release is available on DVD from February 24th 2020.