Having sold out two consecutive nights at the Electric Ballroom in Camden London, Waterparks were a long way from home as they rioted onto the stage. Greeted by a mass of dedicated fans – some of which had camped out since the night before the show – the band clearly showed their gratitude many times throughout the night.

They started with ‘Cherry Red’, which sounded even more epic live than on recording, the backing synth glistening and captivating. Going into ‘What Happens Next’, the band brought a level of energy that was unparalleled and constant throughout the entire set.

Waterparks thought up a genius way of including older songs into their set, despite having their new album FANDOM out. They played a mashup from two of their earlier albums at different parts of the set – Double Dareand during the encore, Entertainment. It was the perfect way of including snippets of old favourites.




For ‘War Crimes’, the band were joined by De’ Wayne Jackson as the crowd went crazy for the somewhat heavier song. One of the best things about Waterparks’ set was the amount of variation they bring between their songs. With a mixture of heavy songs, to pop punk, to the more poppy side as well, it definitely kept things interesting.

Halfway through the set, Otto and Geoff exited the stage, leaving Awsten alone with an acoustic guitar. He started with getting the crowd to sing ‘Telephone’ whilst he played the guitar. “I’d rather hear you sing all out; shit, this is so much better,” said Awsten after the song. He then played the live debut of ‘Never Bloom Again’, and it was stunning – especially with the crowd singing back every word. 

After performing ‘Lucky People’, Awsten had the crowd doing his vocal warm-ups, which was a rather amusing segment that I had never seen a band do before. Later in the set, the band got the crowd to sing the cute interlude on FANDOM, ‘Group Chat’, before they played ’21 Questions’.




While waiting for the encore, there was an interlude video about the album EntertainmentThe visuals for this show were astounding, from the brilliant light show to the intriguing visuals on screens behind the band for every song.

Their first song back was very heavy, as part of ‘Entertainment 2019’, before going into the much more chilled ‘Peach Lobotomy’. The night concluded perfectly with ‘Stupid For You’ and ‘Turbulent’. At the end of the set, there was an adorable message left on the screen saying, “Thank you for coming, today was really good, good day.”

Breaking the boundaries of genre, Waterparks brought their unique sound to Camden’s Electric Ballroom for a truly incredible set. Their quirky personalities shined through the entire time, and it was a pleasure to watch such a faultless performance.