Supermilk - Agony Anne

Track of the Week: Supermilk – Agony Anne

Supermilk have shared new track ‘Agony Anne’, the second single from upcoming debut album Death is the Best Thing for You Now.

Supermilk is the recording project of former Doe drummer Jake Popyura, and anyone missing the carefully constructed indie rock charm of Doe will definitely find what they’re looking for here. ‘Agony Anne’ builds itself bit by bit, as a chugging palm-muted guitar rises into a chorus that’s all about tension and release. It’s fitting then that lyrically it’s about a serial killer.

Of the lyrics, Popyura says: “Anne is a killer who meets her victims on an unspecified dating app (it might rhyme with Judge Rinder). The lyrics are mostly from the perspective of her latest captive whilst they’re making a last-ditch effort to reason and empathise with her, even going as far as to suggest that maybe they could join forces.”



The video’s no less disturbing, as a Ken doll meets a nasty and surprisingly gory end. Of the video, Jake says: “I like to think the end result is somewhere between The Adam & Joe Show and a Troma movie. My dad has called it ‘very sick’, but not in the hip cool young person sense.”

‘Agony Anne’ is available digitally on February 18th followed by Supermilk’s debut album Death is the Best Thing for You Now on limited edition vinyl on March 27th 2020 via Keroleen Records. The album’s name is a reference to a film I haven’t seen, called Freaked.