Delaire The Liar - Shovel

Delaire The Liar is back with a brand new chapter to the book, beginning with ‘Shovel’.

The now-three-piece noise-making machine is back to whack you in the face with all the force of an actual shovel in this sparkly new track with a sparkly new line-up. What happens when you mix the searing-yet-ethereal vocals of frontman Ffin Colley with the weighty rhythms of bassist and drummer Em and Chaz, and put that together with compelling, absorbing songwriting? This.



Speaking to us about the track, Ffin said that the song is about “Helplessly watching someone you love adopt qualities you hate, that you recognise in yourself. Like you’ve infected them, like you’re watching whilst they bury themselves.”

The instrumental prowess of all three combined – sprinkled with a little stardust and passion on top – makes for something you don’t see all too often: a band with phenomenal talent and the potential to take the world by storm, bowling over everything in its path.

Storm Delaire is on the way; you better be ready for it.