Whether you’re loved up this V-day, spending it on your own, or somewhere in between, we’ve got a playlist of 14 (because it’s Feb 14th duh) ultimate love/anti-love songs as presented by members of Delaire The Liar, Chapter And Verse, Tether, Black Coast, All Ears Avow, RUINA, and the VultureHound Music team.

Incubus – Love Hurts

It was a song I had to sing when I was taking singing lessons. Not actually my favourite song of theirs, but significant for its purpose – Justin Jackson, Tether


Bullet For My Valentine – Hearts Burst Into Fire

Not only is it entirely wholesome content, but it still inspires me to this day. A song about missing home and the people you love is always going to put a smile on your face, but it’s important to remember those who truly love you and to keep them in mind – Harvey Lake, RUINA


My Chemical Romance – I Don’t Love You

The most beautifully tragic way to tell someone you’re over them – Rai Powell Hart, VH Music


Ray Charles – Georgia on My Mind

Written like a love song but about his home – Ffin Colley, Delaire The Liar


Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

I was at a wedding a few years back. That song played to their first dance – Pat Fox, VH Music


Tall Ships – Ode to Ancestors

There is something incredibly beautiful in thanking ancestors for the evolution of that special someone – Ben Adsett, VH Music


The Acacia Strain – BTM FDR

Big ‘ol anti-love – Rob Parnell, Tether


Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes – I Hate You

I think it’s one of those songs that just takes you to a certain dark place the second you hear it. I remember seeing FCATR when they first came out; they had dropped a single and then announced a short tour, and I remember them playing it and in that moment being like “Wow, that is anger, pure anger.” I also think the rawness in the recording helps deliver the venom in Franks words! – Jake Willcock, All Ears Avow


Led Zeppelin – Thank You

Fancier way of saying someone is their everything – Veronica Skrimsjö, VH Music


New Found Glory – Kiss Me

If there’s anyone who wants to dispute the fact that this cover is better than the original, hit me up on Instagram @_ikeafan – I’ll be waiting to prove you wrong and ruin your whole world-view. You will end up listening to this version every day of your life and rewinding it just for the breakdown – Cara Mullen, VH Music


letlive. – Foreign Cab Rides

I think it highlights and acknowledges the imperfections and trials experienced in love; it doesn’t glorify or romanticise it to paint a perfect, movie-like image of love. It also serves as a reminder that love shouldn’t be a case of two halves creating a whole, rather two whole people navigating and supporting each other through life – Kieran Harper, Tether


Joyce Manor – Falling in Love Again

It’s unexpected from a punk band to create a romantic song and not a break up song – Tim Stockwell, VH Music


The Bee Gees – How Deep is Your Love?

One of the best love songs ever written, in my opinion. Endlessly clever in it’s flow and so emotive; it’s a straight up tune. Full disclosure – I think the Take That cover is also an absolute vibe – Josh Carter, Chapter And Verse


Guns N’ Roses – Used to Love Her

Nothing says it better than “He loved her, killed her and then because he missed her he buried her in the garden” – Scott, Black Coast