Hardcore at its best?

Bedfordshire natives RUINA have spent little time in the industry so far – but are showing no lack of experience in their anticipated debut EP Nemesis. Bands like Knocked Loose, Code Orange, and Kublai Kahn are at the forefront of the massive rebirth of hardcore music, and RUINA are getting ready to join the takeover. Nemesis shows the confidence and capability of the guys, and it was an honour to listen through.

All three songs from this EP are going to smash you in the face at some point in the first few seconds, so be prepared! The first of the three, ‘Sickness Forever’ – which was released as the leading single for the EP – opens up with a strong riff, soon to be met by that heavy bass drum, and then hell breaks loose. At just under two minutes, this track pounds away at you with speed and leaves you wanting to listen more – which is where ‘Amongst the Herd’ comes in.

With a guest spot from TJ Smith – the former frontman of the late-hardcore band Lifetight – this track really sticks out for me. Lifetight’s music was always (and still is) playing in my car, and to hear TJ and RUINA make a track together is exciting; of course, they hit the nail on the head with it. Fast-paced throughout, with crushing screams from both sides and riffs that define the genre.



That brings us to the final track on the EP, ‘Nasty’. It takes a bit of a turn from the other tracks while staying similar with the instrumental. Here we see more of the clean vocals that RUINA are capable of. Here we can pick up the gritty British accent that shines through the heavy tones of the guitars – it takes me back to listening to Hacktivist.

A solid debut EP from RUINA, showing us what they’re capable of – and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come!

Nemesis is available to stream this Friday 21st February.