This DVD features nine episodes from the hugely popular CBeebies children’s pre-school show ‘Bing’. Based on the Ted Dewan books “Bing Bunny” and now running into 2 series with over 100 episodes. The 7-minute wonders are packed with bright, vibrant animation, cute voice-over work and a moral to take away with each episode.

Bing (voiced by Rafferty Railton) explores the world through innocent, curious eyes. With his soft-toy carer Flop (David Threlfall), Bing comes across many puzzles, queries, questions, incidents, and wonders that require him to think and find the best way around each one. He will discover self-confidence, happiness, and bravery in the process.

With a host of cuddly friends to play, support and encourage him along the way, Bing may make mistakes or wrong choices, but Flop is always there remind him it’s ok. It’s ok to make mistakes, to make a wrong choice or feel sad because you can always find the right way in the end if you try.

It’s one of the most moralistic children’s shows on TV right now. Each episode is brave enough to front a question or situation and have Bing (and the audience) explore the resolution in a very real, honest and comforting way. But it’s also heartfelt and lots of fun!

There’s little for young ones not to enjoy about these short episodes that are entertaining and silly, but educational and engaging at the same time.

The episodes, first broadcast across November and December 2019, are: ‘Birthday’, ‘Nicky’, ‘Face Paint’, ‘Vaccination’, ‘Leaf Pictures’, ‘Fire Engine’, ‘Squiggle’, ‘PJ Party’ and ‘Hose Pipe’.

Dir: Various

Scr: Various

Voice Cast: Rafferty Railton, David Threlfall, Eve Bentley, Akiya Henry, Noah Hicks, Bryony Hannah & Poppy Hendley

Prd: Mikael Shields

DOP: Various

Music: Julian Nott

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 2020

Run time: 70mins

This StudioCanal / Acamar Films release is out to buy on DVD from February 24th 2020.