Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes

To play Alexandra Palace is pretty impressive. To sell out the 10,000 capacity room is a whole different league in which Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes have just found themselves in. 

Raw, emotional, and with enough energy to rally up the toughest of crowds, let alone the very enthusiastic fans, the band had brought their all. Whether it be climbing on top of the crowd or launching himself into the air from the drum riser, Frank knows how to put on a show, and this gig was no exception. 

Easing everyone in slowly, the band started with ‘Why A Butterfly Can’t Love A Spider’. The first track of the band’s latest album End Of Suffering – it seemed fitting. Kicking things into gear, they played the second track on the album, ‘Tyrant Lizard King’. Carter strutted around with dominance over the stage, the crowd in the palm of his hand. Old favourite ‘Juggernaut’ had the crowd losing it.


Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes


During ‘Wild Flowers’, Carter instigated a female-only pit. One of the highlights of going to a Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes show is how empowering they are for women. This is particularly good because with quite a rough (but friendly) crowd due to the style of music, it can be intimating for women to join the pit – making moments like this pretty awesome.

The amount of respect the fans have for each other was made apparent when someone was hurt in the pit. Thankfully they are okay, but at the time, it was very much an emergency, and between the crowd, the medics, and Carter, the situation was handled impressively well.

In the run-up to playing ‘Crowbar’, Frank walked through the crowd all the way to the back of Alexandra Palace to see his mum before crowd surfing back, still singing the boisterous track.


Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes


The set wasn’t just made up of the heavier music; there were a lot of calmer songs too, which is rather different for the band. One that stood out was ‘Neon Rust’, which until this run of shows, hadn’t been played since 2017. It was something special to hear the crowd singing the lyrics, “Be anything you believe, you don’t belong in a wasteland” – it was chill-inducing. 

The night concluded with the epic tracks’ Devil Inside Me’ and ‘I Hate You’ – the last one definitely ensuring that whatever was left of the fans’ voices was gone by the end of the show.

Photos by Natalie Lloyd-Shaw. Check out the full gallery here.