Lady Di / Mega Emotion

Scrappy punk band Lady Di and psychedelic electro-pop band Mega Emotion have announced a bizarre double split album, which will be both bands’ debut full-length. Lady Di’s I Know You Know I’m Perfect and Mega Emotion’s Move, Motherf*cker are set for release on a very special and very literal split vinyl on 3rd April 2020 on Fake Feelings.

Despite their extremely different sounds, Mega Emotion and Lady Di are actually alter-egos, both bands made up of exactly the same people: Lisa Horton, Iain Ross, and Jan Robertson, all former members of Norwich art rock/indie pop outfit Bearsuit.

Lady Di released the absolutely banging lead single ‘AAAAAA’ earlier this month, and today Mega Emotion have shared the eerie video for new single ‘I Want so Much More Than You Can Give’, which you can watch below.



The two bands really couldn’t be more different – Mega Emotion build dense layers of sound that loop both live and electronic drums against synths and scuzzy guitars, and the band compare their sound to Metronomy, New Order, The Knife, and Battles. Lady Di, on the other hand, play grungy, disheveled punk, inspired by the likes of The Breeders, Urusei Yatsura, and The Lemonheads.

“We’re a musical Sliding Doors,” explains Ross. “We’ve slipped into two different parallel universes. Both bands are Gwyneth Paltrow, but with either punk hair (black) or techno hair (blond). We started Mega Emotion first, but it’s very electronic, and we missed the simplicity of an indie punk show. So we started another band, swapped instruments, and called it Lady Di.”



On the upcoming split debut double album, the band(s) say that where Mega Emotion are musically abstract and ethereal, Lady Di are direct and literal, with songs about real people. But both albums share recurring themes that run through the music of both bands – environmental apocalypse, alienation, confronting the patriarchy, but also searching for optimism and finding love as the world self-destructs.

Both bands will be heading out on tour in April, with some shows featuring both bands on the same bill. Expect salty rivalry.