Maybe it’s the focus on promos, storylines and characters rather than the moves in the ring, or it could possibly be the old school set up giving the show that nostalgic feeling and then it could also be the fact each episode only lasts an hour. Any of the above reasons are valid as to why NWA Powerrr has become extremely popular with wrestling fans globally, I think it’s a combination of all of them and also the main factor being they are doing something so completely different than every other wrestling show we see currently.

After Scott Steiner was revealed as the third member of Team Aldis to face Team Morton at the conclusion of last week’s episode, I am positive I could not be the only fan full of excitement at the prospect of a Steiner Promo on this weeks episode. What could we expect to hear from the Big Booty Daddy? Maybe another Math Lesson from Professor Steiner?


Before the show could begin we had BREAKING NEWS: NICK ALDIS APPEARS AT RING OF HONOR SHOW!! We would find out what went down later in the show.

The show kicked off with David Marquez interviewing Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. Morton cut a great promo talking about his chance of a shot at Aldis and the World’s Title if his team can win tonight.

They announced the brackets for the Television Title Tournament at Hard Times PPV:

  • Tim Storm vs Zane Dawson
  • Ricky Starks vs Open Slot (we will find out who fills that slot next week)
  • Ziggy Dice vs Open Slot (we will find out who fills that slot next week)
  • The Question Mark vs The Winner of Thomas Latimer vs Trevor Murdoch

Ricky Starks and Ziggy Dice were both very entertaining and we learned a lot more about both men’s personalities during their back and forth whilst being interviewed by David Marquez.

TV Title Tournament match: Zane Dawson defeated Dave Dawson

The match was as good as could be expected from these two bruisers. Once the cast on the hand of Zane Dawson was the main focus of the contest it became evidently clear what the finish of this match would be. It was something many fans have seen done before, the cast is targeted as a weakness then used as a weapon to win the match. I did like how Zane sold the injury after the match and now the story is if he will be fit enough to face Tim Storm in the next round at Hard Times.

Speaking of Hard Times, I really like the video package they have put together for the PPV.

Melina defeated Ashley Vox

I will forever be impressed with the entrance of Melina. The match with Vox was good and Melina proved she is better than she has ever been. I look forward to seeing what goes down with her and Allysin Kay next week with the title on the line.

The NWA women’s roster for me is very underrated, and with time and maybe one or two more additions, it could be considered as one of the best in the business.

So we found out what went down when Aldis attacked Villain Enterprises at an ROH event. First, he jumped the rail and attacked Flip Gordon which was meant to be him sending a message to the Villain Marty Scurll. After that, he was at the announce desk cutting another world-beater promo when he was interrupted by Flip and Brody King. The two came face to face and exchanged words with Flip daring Aldis to try something now. After the event, Aldis challenged Flip to a match at Hard Times since Marty was nowhere to be seen. While it’s a shame that we won’t get to see Scurll and Aldis at Hard Times, there is no doubt that Flip is more than a suitable replacement.

Aron “Shooter” Stevens & The Question Mark defeated Outlaw Inc w/ The Pope

Getting to see the art of Mongrovian Karate is one of the many highlights of NWA Powerrr and yet again the Third Dan National Champion Shooter Stevens and his Sansei The Question Mark were victorious. The Pope may be great on the mic but his choice to back Outlaw Inc was clearly the wrong one. Once he saw The Question Mark destroy both members of Outlaw Inc with ease, The Pope left the two men licking their wounds in the ring.

The moment everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. David Marquez introduced all the members of Strictly Business faction. While Aldis cut a good opening promo it was clear to even he that there was only one person everyone wanted to hear from. Finally, we all got our wish. It was not a disappointment as Steiner let all the Fat Asses out there know how he felt about them and while there may not have been any math lessons it certainly was another Steiner classic promo that is a must-see.

IF TEAM MORTON WINS RICKY MORTON GETS A SHOT AT NWA CHAMPIONSHIP: Team Morton (Robert Gibson, Eli Drake & Tim Storm) defeated Strictly Business (Thomas Latimer, Royce Isaacs & Scott Steiner)

It was Eli Drake that carried the majority of the load for his team and The Wild Cards doing the same for their team. The three legends did get involved in small bursts with what they did being impressive and impactful. It was a nice touch that Gibson got the win for his long-time tag partner. The show ended with a feel-good moment as the babyfaces celebrated their victory.

While it’s pretty obvious that Aldis will retain the title. There is always that feeling of you never know what could happen in this business but I would be completely shocked if an elderly Ricky Morton was somehow able to defeat a Prime Nick Aldis.

Another enjoyable, action-packed hour of Pro Wrestling done correctly. In my opinion, this is the best wrestling show out there currently. Yes, there are things they can improve on but the positives greatly outweigh any negatives they may have.

All pics and videos courtesy of NWA