All the way from the land of Ikea and ABBA, our first spotlight of the year is on Swedish quartet, Solence. Get to know them in their band profile below.

Names: Markus Videsäter, Johan Swärd, David Strääf and David Vikingsson.

You’re from: Sweden.

Your sound: I’d say it’s a mixture between rock, metal, and pop. We also have a lot of symphonic and harmonic elements, which make it a bit progressive, I guess. We’re all influenced by different kinds of music, and that makes it diverse – but we all love a good energetic chorus that drops like a bomb. And also we love really good songs and melodies, underneath all the production stuff.

For fans of: Good music! Haha, no, but maybe Bring Me The Horizon, Starset, 30 Seconds To Mars, etc. I don’t like genres, though.

A fact about each of you: Johan plays the bassoon, David plays the violin, Markus plays the trumpet, and Viking knows how to change tires of really big trucks. Surprise!

You all met: High school in our hometown, Norrköping.

Your band name came from: Nothing at all! We just thought it sounded cool. We actually had a big problem finding a name. But eventually, we got there!

So far you’ve released: An album and a lot of covers!

The best show you’ve played so far: When we were in high school, we played a battle of the bands thing in Sweden, and we actually got to the finals. That day, all our friends came to the gig, and we felt like kings of the world. We’ve done a lot of good gigs, but that trumps it all, I think. Ego-boost!

The worst show you’ve played so far: Probably a local gig when the only ones that looked at our set were the other bands there that night.

Coming up: We have a few gigs in 2020, and even though we just released an album, we’re going to keep releasing music all year long next year. Never stop! But new music and gigs, I guess. No tours booked yet, but it’s probably going to be some touring too.

Solence’s debut album, Brothers, is out now. Watch the video for their latest single below: