Dead Tired - White Caps

Hamilton, Ontario’s Dead Tired have today released the music video for ‘White Caps’ from their latest album Full Vol. – exclusively via us!

The video is set in a dystopian future and follows a young man who never leaves his basement. He lives almost his whole life within a simulation, and the trauma he experiences begins to affect his physical body in reality. After becoming addicted to the resulting pain, he begins to push the simulation too far.

The gripping and visually satisfying video is the perfect accompaniment to such a striking track, and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do.



Loosely based on the 1984 science fiction film Neuromancer, every five seconds of the video took around 24 hours to produce. Any mathematicians in here? That’s approximately 28 days to produce the whole video.

A whole month of no-doubt meticulous hard work on the video probably left creator Andrew Pierce feeling dead tired. Of the video, Pierce explains, “I wanted to play with the lyrics, ‘I thought I was free of it but it sucked me back in’ and bring them to life visually.”

Guitarist Franz Stefanik has said that he was “in talks with Andrew about doing a video prior to even releasing Full Vol. The two of us had a short discussion, and then we let him have total control and free rein. We were all stoked to see what he came up with, and we are beyond happy with the results. The more you watch it, the more you notice little things that go on through the video, and it’s especially cool watched on a big screen.”