AEW kicked off the first of its Bash at the Beach specials from Coral Gables, Florida where DDP returned to the ring and new number one contenders were crowned for the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

AEW Tag Team Championship No.1 Contenders Match: The Young Bucks vs Santana & Ortiz vs Kenny Omega & Adam Page vs Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy

This frantic opener was full of speedy tags as the Elite frequently tagged between each other to keep the Best Friends at bay. Just as the crowd were hitting a fever pitch as they were ready to see the rare face-off of Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega, Santana and Ortiz blindsided them and forced a tag for themselves.

The Elite fought back from the sneak attack but were soon contending with a rejuvenated Best Friends who cleaned house. As they went for their hug the dastardly Santana & Ortiz broke up their attempt once again. The Proud N Powerful pair began lacing into the competition showing tremendous athleticism with innovative tag team manoeuvres and lightning-fast dives.

Kenny Omega managed to break through the onslaught and finally put an end to the Inner Circle member’s rampage. Trent attempted to take advantage of the distraction but Omega and Page had his number with an impressive series of standing and top rope flips that left the crowd in awe.

Every competitor took their chance to dive to the outside and the sequence hit its crescendo with Trent hitting a superplex on Matt Jackson to everyone on the outside. A group suplex was assisted by Orange Cassidy with a hands-in-pockets kip-up followed by a hug for good measure before the Best Friends hit stereo piledrivers and a Strong Zero for a close two count broken up by the Young Bucks.

The Bucks cleaned house once again but a brief hesitation when confronting their friend Adam Page nearly cost Matt Jackson his momentum. However, they recovered and gave a superkick party to all.

The match ended as Page got a blind tag on Nick Jackson as he and Omega took out Taylor with their devastating Buckshot/V-Trigger combo to become the No.1 Contenders for the tag titles.

Lightning-fast tag team action that simply can not be beaten by anything WWE has to offer. No matter how you feel about AEW, you can’t deny the tag division shines like a beacon.

Cody responds to MJF’s stipulations

Cody came out in full Miami Vice garb matching the effort put in by the commentators in their Miami themed summer clothes, which was a nice touch that hasn’t been seen since the days of WCW.

Cody gave a fantastic promo that served to put over Wardlow and MJF beautifully while also confirming that yes, he will accept and MJF vs Cody is on for AEW Revolution. Cody remains the best pure babyface in wrestling today.

The Nightmare Collective w/ Luther vs Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida

Before Shida could even get to the ring, Mel and Brandi Rhodes were putting the boots to Statlander. Shida came to the rescue and knocked Mel to the outside with a hurricanrana as Statlander attempted an apron moonsault that unfortunately botched and missed entirely.

The Nightmare Collective took control after a distraction from Brandi and isolated Shida through the break. However, she managed to fight back using a running knee to make the break and got a hot tag to Statlander who went to work on Brandi.

Mel tried to fight back with her clubbing offence but couldn’t deal with the combined force of Statlander and Shida. As Shida dealt with Brandi it seemed Mel may manage a piledriver to Statlander but she quickly countered into the Big Bang Theory for the win.

This match was awkward with little flow. Brandi’s not a great wrestler and Mel’s lumbering strong-woman offence lacked any fire. Also, the Nightmare Collective losing here does nothing to help their stock and makes them look like total jokes. The Nightmare Collective is quickly becoming a quality vacuum.

The Dark Order’s leader targets the Elite

The spokesman for the Dark Order had a word with the mysterious leader of the group who revealed they are heavily focused on picking apart the Elite. Their targets are the outliers such as Michael Nakazawa, Brandon Cutler and more crucially, Hangman Page. An interesting development to say the least and it gives the Dark Order renewed focus.

Sammy Guevara vs Jon Moxley

Guevara tried to take the fight directly to Moxley hoping to gain an advantage early utilising an enzuigiri before hitting a gorgeous top rope springboard cutter onto Moxley. Guevara got cocky trying to slap Moxley but only served to enrage his opponent who made him eat a nasty knee strike.

A Paradigm Shift attempt on the apron was stopped as Guevara countered with a Meteora. Moxley would try and fight back but Guevara used his speed to chase Moxley and managing to hit not only a Spanish Fly but also a torture rack to GTS for a close two count.

Despite fighting valiantly, Moxley took the win by putting Guevara into a chokehold after a moonsault attempt causing him to tap out.

After the match, Jericho’s music hit and the lights went out. As they came up, the entire Inner Circle was waiting as they took out their aggression out on Moxley culminating in Jericho using a spike from his jacket to stab Moxley in the eye.

A tremendous match that ended in a great post-match angle that demonstrated the advantage the numbers game gives to the Inner Circle.

MJF, Butcher & the Blade vs QT Marshall, Dustin Rhodes & DDP

MJF showboated and bullied his opponent showing off his wrestling acumen as well as cheating at every turn. From eye pokes to using his Diamond Ring as a weapon, he did it all.

Dustin Rhodes had been isolated but he managed to break free with a below the belt counter to MJF giving him the break to be able to get a tag to DDP.

DDP went straight for MJF before clearing the house of the rest of his opponents and hitting the Butcher with a Diamond Cutter. MJF countered a Diamond Cutter with a sneaky low blow but Dustin took initiative and grabbed MJF to hit him with a destroyer, finally giving DDP a chance to hit MJF with a Diamond Cutter.

Dustin and Marshall took out their opponents on the outside giving DDP the opening to land a diving crossbody to the outside. Unfortunately, as DDP celebrated, MJF quickly snuck into the ring and rolled up Marshall for the win.

Not a classic by any means but this was a fun little palette cleanser for the main event where the guys did there best to make DDP look great despite his age. MJF getting the win in the most underwhelming way possible is also a great choice to build heat.

PAC vs Darby Allin

A dream matchup here as these two faced off to determine who would face Moxley next week to determine the No.1 Contender for the AEW World Championship. Allin kept PAC on the back foot with numerous shotgun dropkicks to create distance followed by his missile-like suicide dives whenever PAC retreated to the outside.

PAC made a break by countering a hurricanrana into a swing into the steel steps before powerbombing him straight through them. PAC was toying with his prey hitting a top rope missile dropkick before carrying Allin on his shoulders to the top rope. Allin would get his second win by adjusting in mid-air to convert PAC’s attack into a crucifix bomb. With the crowd behind him, Allin kept up the attack and hit the Code Red but PAC managed to kick out at two.

A baseball slide was countered by PAC using the ring apron to trap Allin and take him out. A clubbing lariat followed by Allin refused to give in and still kicked out at two. Allin gained new life as he tried numerous contorting pin attempts before following up with a rebound Coffin Drop attempt. PAC was ready for it though as he countered into a German suplex and followed up with a venomous powerbomb that looked vicious in execution. PAC would secure the win with a Black Arrow as Allin couldn’t defend himself to prevent the top rope manoeuvre.

After the match, PAC said there would be no match due to Moxley being incapacitated and he was the No.1 contender by forfeit. At this point, you should know to never count Moxley out as he broke out of his ambulance and stormed to the ring looking like Big Boss with his bandaged eye saying there would be no forfeit and he would fight PAC no matter what.

A stunning final match capped off a thoroughly entertaining episode of AEW Dynamite. Despite the ever-present low point of the Nightmare Collective, the rest of the show had a stacked card that exceeded expectations at nearly every turn.

All pictures and videos courtesy of AEW and Speedy Ruiz for AEW