Mayday Parade - I'm With You

I hope you’re feeling festive because, at VultureHound, we are.

What a year it’s been for music, and it’s not over yet. This week’s Track of the Week  comes in the form of ‘I’m With You’ by Mayday Parade. It’s the Christmas track you never knew you needed, from a band you never knew you needed a Christmas song from – but boy do you need this.

If you don’t have this on repeat right up until New Years, you’re doing it wrong. It’s a must for all festive playlists, and guaranteed to have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside; the way Mayday Parade usually make you feel, but 10x more because well – it’s Christmas.



Turn it up to full volume and sing it at the top of your lungs – it is Christmas, after all.

Merry Christmas from VultureHound.