Tether. embarked on their first ever tour at the end of November with MSRY. We got them to document all 7 days in photos…

Day 1 – Oxford

Tether MSRY Tour Diary
Jack is…


Day 2 – Milton Keynes

Tether MSRY Tour Diary
Today’s rider


Day 3 – Leicester

Tether MSRY Tour Diary
By James from Tether. aged 5


Day 4 – Birmingham

Tether Tour Diary
Ri$e and Grind, motherfuckers.


Day 5 – Bournemouth

Tether Tour Diary
Frontman Justin Jackson has been kicked out of the band and replaced by Charlie Chaplin. Remaining dates of tour will go ahead as planned.


Day 6 – Luton

Tether Tour Diary
We’ve gotta go back, Marty.


Day 7 – London

Tether Tour Diary
Life, limb and jaws were risked, but we made it in the end.


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