The Faim

An American band, English band, and Australian band go on tour. Sounds like the beginning of a bad dad joke, however, on a wet and cold night in Cardiff, Wales, American band Cemetery Sun, English band Hot Milk, and headlining Australian band The Faim all took to the stage at The Globe.

The first band that came out – with a sudden loud start, and no build-up or introduction – was Cemetery Sun. The Californian band brought the Cali sun feeling to the Welsh capital with their indie anthems, making you feel like you’re on a road trip.

There was strong feeling from frontman and lead vocalist Josh Doty. Even though he had a strong vocal, it still felt like he wasn’t using the full extent of his voice, and it felt like he could have pushed the screams a bit to get a more powerful vocal in the last few songs of the set. However, they got everyone dancing. On stage, there wasn’t enough room due to band equipment for the band to give a full performance, but good energy to start the night.

The party just kept going as Hot Milk took the stage. From start to finish, it was a fun time, and their catchy tunes such as ‘Get Your Jacket’ and ‘Candy-Coated Lies’ had the audience dancing every second. Hannah and Jim both had good vocals. They are on track to elevate to bigger venues if they keep in the direction they are going, as the tracks sounded big. It would do very well in a bigger venue – that is the only thing about the set that they would have benefitted from.

Near the end of the set Hannah, jumped into the crowd to sing and also gave a great speech about acceptance – as long as you’re a good person, you are welcome at a Hot Milk gig. As well as mentioning they will be back soon.

The guys in The Faim know how to start a set correctly – with a tribute to the hit movie School of Rock, singing ‘Legend of the rent’. Frontman Josh Raven had the crowd in the palm of his hand, getting the crowd to follow every command, with some reaching towards the stage for Josh to grab their hand. During the set, there were a small handful of pits.

One thing that stood out for their set – again as mentioned with previous bands – is how the songs sound so big and would fill a much bigger space. Especially with Josh’s intricate, smooth and powerful vocals. It would give the band more space for the production that would really elevate them. Their music videos – like for their single ‘Summer is a curse’ – are good concepts, and to incorporate visuals like those would be a good move for them. But simple can be effective – where it’s just the stage band and audience. However, as previously mentioned, adding more production would elevate them to the next level.