An intimidating mix of brute force, power and focused aggression, Erick Stevens is one of the most destructive forces in the sport… and he’s coming to MLW. Major League Wrestling today announced that Erick Stevens will compete at MLW: Zero Hour at the NYTEX Sports Centre in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area on Saturday, January 11. The event will be a MLW FUSION TV taping for beIN SPORTS.

“Erick Stevens is a beast, I look forward to his presence in MLW starting in January,” said Court Bauer, MLW CEO and founder. “Stevens instantly changes the complexion of 2-3 divisions in MLW.” Stevens’ first opponent in MLW will be revealed in the coming days.

Over the course of his career, Erick Stevens has left a trail of wreckage. Stevens has also dominated in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and earned his Brazilian Jiujitsu blue belt. A menacing punk pro wrestler, this heavyweight turns head with his mohawk and tattoos but is most feared for the hell he unleashes in the ring. Pulverizing opponents in a manner not seen since the days of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Erick Stevens has a reputation as one of the roughest and most devastating wrestlers. So much so there are some in the sport who outright refuse to fight the ferocious Floridian.

Much of Stevens’ success is owed to his intensity, uncanny endurance, and versatility. Stevens’ ability to excel in mat-based grappling contests, hard-hitting battles, or straight-up street fights makes him a nightmare to combat. Known for his take no prisoners attitude, Erick Stevens is on a violent conquest to show the sport he is the best while showing no remorse for the weak.

Major League Wrestling also today announced National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone vs. Aerostar for the National Openweight Championship will compete at MLW: Zero Hour.

One of the top high flyers in the sport, fans will be awestruck with Aerostar’s aerial feats in and out of the ring January 11 in Dallas. Dawning an aviator themed mask, this airborne luchador has a reputation for his fearless G-force jumps off the top rope and even arena lighting trusses. Now Aerostar looks to take flight and prove he is major league material and bring MLW gold back to Mexico.

In order to do so, Aerostar will be tasked with overcoming the elitist powerhouse Alex Hammerstone. Vanquishing all challengers since being crowned the inaugural National Openweight Champion June 1, Hammerstone has proven to be arguably the ace of The Dynasty with his dominance in 2019. Going into this title bout Hammerstone pledges to be a “real American,” promising to unleash “Patriot missiles” on the masterful Mexican luchador Aerostar.

With national pride on the line for Hammerstone, the champ has gone as far as to vow to unmask Aerostar in the ultimate humiliation for a luchador… but will he be ready for an unrelenting sky combat attack by Aerostar?

Matches signed thus far for Zero Hour:

  • NO ROPES BARBED WIRE MATCH: Jimmy Havoc vs. Mance Warner
  • GRUDGE MATCH: Ross Von Erich vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor
  • NATIONAL OPENWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Aerostar
  • If MJF wins, he gets a World Tag Team Title shot. If he loses he can never challenge the Von Erichs again to a title fight: MJF vs. Marshall Von Erich
  • THE DEBUT OF… Erick Stevens

All pics courtesy of MLW and Lucha Libre AAA