Welcome back to NXT UK. This week we see if Gallus and Imperium can reach some type of deal as they go through negotiations. The result of which will have a massive impact on TakeOver: Blackpool II. We also got the in-ring return of former Women’s Champ Toni Storm, a new NXT import and Joseph Conners gets the chance to prove if he’s TakeOver worthy in an action-packed triple threat. Who wins and who loses, well, let’s get into it and find out, shall we?

Toni Storm defeated Killer Kelly via Storm Zero

This week opened with the in-ring return of Toni Storm. The former Women’s Champ had been missing for months after losing the title but now she was back and ready to fight. Her first challenger, everyone’s favourite punching bag (with the best entrance music) Killer Kelly. This was over quick. Storm started fast, got beaten down a bit, then ended it fast. The action was crisp enough but once again given the lack of any wins, no one ever sees Killer Kelly as a real threat. I never doubted Toni would lose and was proven right once again. After the match, Kay Lee Ray attacked Storm halting the celebrations. However, Piper Niven came to the unwanted rescue. She scared off Ray but didn’t receive any thanks from Storm who ironically enough, stormed off in a huff.

The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) defeated The Outliers (Riddick Moss & Dorian Mak) via Dual Diving Headbutts

I had no idea Riddick Moss was still with NXT. Much like recent jobber Kona Reeves, he was an American star fighting across the pond. He and Mak were total gobshites the whole match but were drowned out by the crowd. Much like the previous match, I had zero doubt the Hunt would win. It is great to bring in variety and mix things up with the stateside talent but come on, at least make them potential winners. The only one who’s done anything really of note was Kassius Ohno. Their trash talk was insufferable as they beat down Wild Boar. They worked to get under the skin of the Hunt, but in the end, a hot tag was made and The Hunt won. Though I must admit when Mak applied a Bearhug to Boar and ragged him around, I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not sure how much good this did the Hunt but if the Outliers plan on sticking around then they may find a place as the team everyone beats for being loud and annoying. They had some strong attacks and good character work but other than that, expected result.

Jordan Devlin defeated A-Kid via The Devil Inside

Oh, man, did this match remind me why I love Jordan Devlin! The man is sheer brutal sadism in a human body. He got wound up early on in the match as A-Kid was running circles around him with speed and technical ability. Devlin picked a knee and started to work. Tyler Bate came out to will on his import and A-Kid got some boost from this and started to fight through the painful knee work, including a vicious looking leg submission. He was pulling off all sorts of aerial offence that stunned the Irish Ace. However, the more damage A-Kid did, the more pissed off Devlin got. In the end, a Moonsault to the outside flattened both men but an awkward landing made A-Kid slow to get into the ring. Devlin met Kid with a kick to the face, then several more and ended it with the Devil Inside whilst everyone watched in horror. This was a standout match for tonight’s show with both men looking great. Devlin made sure to let Bate know that A-Kid’s brutal beating was all his fault as he left ringside. A message has been sent and it’s only a matter of time before Bate and Devlin lock up.

Joseph Conners defeated Ligero and Travis Banks via Don’t Look Down

Let me preface this segment by saying I 100% believe Joseph Conners is TakeOver worthy. The man is exceptionally talented and seeing him get a win over two of the upper deck guys on the brand is a sight that makes me smile. Plus, the match itself was bloody brilliant. All three guys brought the fight in a big way. It was a chaotic mix of high flying, hard striking and clever manipulation of his opponent’s actions. Ligero and Banks singled out Conners early on as payback for his interference in their early match but this soon subsided as Conners started forcing himself into the match. It became a free for all with some extra nasty shots thrown in for good measure. Conners tried to crush Ligero with a Double Stomp onto the steel steps. Travis Banks managed to punch Conners out of a dive and bust his nose and Ligero was always waiting for the right time to strike. It was a nice, well-paced Triple Threat with 3 less featured guys going hell for leather to impress. Something that, when done right, should be appreciated.

Gallus vs Imperium Negotiations

Last but not least was the all-important negotiations between Gallus leader Joe Coffey and Imperium General WALTER. The wars between the two had to end and terms for a final series of battles needed to be made. Coffey wanted one thing, the United Kingdom Title. WALTER wanted Wolfgang and Mark Coffey to fight Imperium for the Tag Titles and Ilja Dragunov to face Alexander Wolfe in a no DQ match. Gallus accepted the Tag Title challenge but couldn’t speak for Dragunov. He came out to speak for himself and got Coffey his title match. That will take place in the main event of NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II. Coffey left happy with the terms. Gallus would face Imperium for the Tag Titles next week and Dragunov/Wolfe would happen at a later date. Dragunov stuck around for a staredown with WALTER only to get ambushed by the rest of Imperium and Powerbombed through the negotiation table. Imperium left a lasting impression to close the show. Not bad for a “two bob tracky mob.” God bless Joe Coffey for saying that, I’m still laughing about that one.

So, there you have it, another episode of NXT UK reviewed for your reading pleasure. It was a solid episode in the latter half. The first two matches were okay but did very little to provide anything other than predictable results. At the Devlin/A-Kid mark is where this episode really picked up and finished with a nice visual of Imperium standing tall once again. Plus, I will not get over Jolly Wally and the Two Bob Tracky Mob. In between the violence we got a tease of tensions between Jinny and Jazzy Gabert and Kassius Ohno is saying goodbye to the Knockout Artist to further prove why he’s the best British Wrestler despite not being British. Oh, and next week we have the Tag Title defence. I can’t see that going as planned since we know 2 other teams want their shot at those titles too.

All images courtesy of wwe.com Video courtesy of WWE YouTube