Summer Walker


Over It is Summer Walker’s debut album, released earlier this autumn, and it breathes new life into the R&B genre.

I hadn’t listened to Walker before coming across Over It, and when I first noticed the artwork, I was expecting something cocky and maybe a little aggressive. Instead, I find a laid-back, mellow R&B album that I didn’t see coming at all. It’s still assertive, but with self-assured maturity. If you like sultry baths, you should listen to this album. If you want a chilled morning commute, you should listen to this album. If you’re at all interested in cool, contemporary R&B, you should listen to this album. If you’re not into any of that, you should probably listen to this album anyway.

It strikes a nice balance between modern elements and more traditional R&B. It also sets a definite mood, and with slightly bated breath, dare I say that mood is almost reminiscent of a cooler ‘Adele’s little sister’ kind of vibe.



Summer Walker is leading the way of a new generation of female musicians who are taking a steering role in their careers. Over It gives us a glimpse of what they have to offer. ‘Playing Games’ and ‘Come Thru’ include sophisticated samples from Destiny’s Child and Usher respectively, and even though both tracks have flashback potential, they feel fresh. ‘Just Might’ is another highlight, as is the album’s title track ‘Over It’. But really, most of this album is excellent.

My only criticism is that there is a lack of stand-out, lead singles – which is also why the album gets four stars rather than five. As much as I enjoyed it, I wonder if I’ll remember it enough to seek it out in a couple of years. A lead single with a catchy hook tends to draw you back in time after time, and even though I hope I keep coming back to Over It, I’m also realistic about my own (and many others’) music listening habits.

If Walker keeps this up, though, I have no doubt she will become a household name in the new decade. In the meantime, give Over It a try – it’s an album with no skipping required.