The current NXT roster is stacked! It’s clear there’s a strong variety of different talents all bringing something so different to the table. The mixture of styles and personalities is very interesting and sets up the future of the WWE very well indeed but when we look at the main roster there remains one heavy cloud that could make or break the careers of the up and coming stars. For years Brock Lesnar has dominated the WWE main roster and while some have overcome the beast more have fallen but just which stars from the black and gold brand could not only go onto face Lesnar but potentially defeat the beast of the WWE?

Dominik Dijakovic

One of the most exciting superstars and future prospects within the WWE today is Dominik Dijakovic. Twenty nineteen has been his breakout year and Dominik has been one of the most consistent and standout superstars in the WWE today with there being no denying he has a huge future ahead of him. Now, Dijakovic still has a long way to go but with so much potential and so much talent he makes for a very interesting future contender and could very well go on to become the next big thing within the WWE. Its Dijakovic who I believe could be the man the company push to the stars and present a huge main roster push to and his sheer power and diverse talent within the ring mean colliding with Brock Lesnar could very well present something interesting and entertaining. It’s here we could see a new top talent born, a new face of the WWE and a massive shift in power within the company. Dominik has plenty to bring to the table and I truly do believe given the chance things could take a massive turn for him in the future and a collision with Brock Lesnar could be the key.

Adam Cole

Okay, so this one may be an interesting pick and have some of you a little confused. Cole is evidently much smaller than Lesnar giving up both height and weight to the beast but there is one thing Cole most certainly has over Brock, the numbers game. With the Undisputed Era proving to be one of the most legit and put together factions in WWE history their future as a team is very bright and I and the rest of the world cannot wait to see what these four men get up to on either RAW or Smackdown in the future. Colliding with Brock Lesnar is an interesting collision for Cole, there is no denying he is one of the best wrestlers in the world today and the sheer wrestling skill of Cole is yet another advantage the leader of the Undisputed Era has over the beast. The pair sharing a ring going one on one creates a unique set up for Lesnar and in a situation where Cole uses the Undisputed Era to gain the advantage and defeat Brock fans could see a major shift in power and a huge message sent out.

Keith Lee

After his recent performance inside War Games at Survivor Series, Keith Lee is a huge talking point in the wrestling world and rightfully so. Dominant, strong, experienced, athletic and utterly fearless Keith Lee brings a lot to the table and makes for a legitimate contender for Lesnar. While they share different styles in the ring Lee is a true hybrid talent and while he has great power also has speed and agility on his side sure to throw off the beast. Their Collison for many is an inevitable one that could when it happens (and if it happens) result in Lesnar taking part in of the best matches of his career given that the pair are provided with the right amount of time. Win or loss a singles match with a long time attached to it could also work as a huge career-defining moment for Lee.

Johnny Gargano

There really is no WWE superstar fans get behind more than Johnny Gargano in today’s world. He is the ultimate underdog and with years of experience and serious talent he’s a man everyone pulls for and he truly never disappoints. Now, the face of NXT still looks to be sticking around on the black and gold brand but at some point, we can expect him to make his way to the main roster and when he does so his heart, passion and everything he stands for means he makes for a brilliant contender for Lesnar. While we have seen Brock compete in those beast vs Underdog matches/storylines Gargano is a different breed with a different background and a different story to tell. Anyone who has been following his career can see exactly why he makes for such a brilliant opponent for Brock Lesnar and while the odds are stacked against him there is no denying seeing him defeat the beast or even meet in the ring with him would make for a special moment and a career-defining contest for the heart and soul of NXT today and the future heart and soul of the WWE.

Matt Riddle

One of the most obvious NXT superstars to potentially go on and meet Brock Lesnar in the ring as well as defeat the beast is Matt Riddle. Now, this is an ongoing talking point within the wrestling world thanks to Riddle’s comments about Lesnar and their similar backgrounds. Riddle is an intense performer in the ring and a truly serious threat to Lesnar. From heavy strikes to his MMA background and wrestling ability this is a man who could outdo Lesnar more and easier than any other superstar on the roster today. In ways, the pair are very much evenly matched and their backgrounds mean the two are sure to complement each other when they meet in the ring and present a rather unique match up in a style we don’t get to see very often within the WWE. The storyline here also looks to be the most personal and intense of any name we have mentioned today.

What we have learned here is that Brock Lesnar sure isn’t short of opponents in the future. The stars of the black and gold brand are bringing a new level of competition and the potential future collisions Lesnar could face has the potential to be career defying moments and some of the best matches Brock Lesnar has ever competed in.

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