Nature TV - Emotion Sickness


Emotion Sickness – the third release from Nature TV – is a fun and energetic offering, giving them a healthy status in the Brighton indie scene. The EP only clocks in at a little over 16 minutes with five tracks, but each track holds its own as a single, and each beautifully plays off one another as a complete work.

‘She Wants to See You Cry’ opens the EP. Shoegaze-y and dreamy, the track hums along with slick guitar riffs and pop-influenced synths. The track is tight and harmoniously excellent as a starting point for new listeners, and previous fans of the band. The catchy chorus, “Nobody’s better than you, I know because I told you so, repeat it ‘till it is true, I hope that I won’t let you know,” will get stuck in your head, and you’ll find yourself singing along the second time it comes around.



“And to my friends at home that I never see, I just want to die, but I can’t bear to leave you or to see you either” – the lyric from the bouncy second track, ‘Side Eye’ is insanely relatable, and a strong testament to the bands creative way of processing emotion through songwriting.

The song that slows the album down, in a negative way, is ‘Ride or Die’. Although a quick track, it drags along vocally and instrumentally. Although not a badly written song, it feels out of place.



‘Drowning’ closes out the EP. It picks up the energy again and ends on a high note. The track blends love and jealously with ease, “I hear you’re taken, and that hurts me so.”

Nature TV’s third EP is a quick listen, but full of energy, whimsical tones, and catchy hooks. A strong release from the young band, the Emotion Sickness EP holds up and shows a great step forward for the band.