Killer Kross Released

IMPACT Wrestling has come to terms on the release of Kevin Kesar (Killer Kross).

This news is not a surprise in itself. Neither Impact Wrestling management nor Kross himself had been hiding the issues they were dealing with. Someone we voluntarily chose not to talk about until a solution was found. Killer Kross’ contract was set to expire this month but Impact still had the option to roll-over the contract for one more year. Killer Kross’ last match with the company was at Slammiversary XVI, where he was unsuccessful to defeat Eddie Edwards in a First Blood match.

After weeks of teasing and him decimating the roster backstage, before unveiling his face to the world and show there was a man behind the red X-crossed card, Kross made his debut with Impact Wrestling in June 2018 and caught the wrestling world by surprise. As a Horseman of the Apocalypse, he brought with him the same kind of mastered chaos in-ring legends like Sycho Sid, Brian Pillman or Stone Cold Steve Austin were able to share with the audience through a simple glance.

Kross started in the business pretty late, only 5 years ago. As he told us in the interviews we had the chance to share with him, this life before wrestling helped him become a better fighter. Whether on Lucha Underground, Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico, US indie promotions or Impact Wrestling, Kross shut everybody down as he is not only an excellent wrestler but also has the gift of gab. Before wrestling, Kross trained in boxing, MMA, different martial arts from all over the world, to perfect his art.

What struck the world is his presence and his promos. He has embodied the idea of Doom and Chaos he chose to defend as a character. But, to give it even more sense, he has cut some of the best promos we have had the chance to listen to over the last few years. When he confessed to us he was the man behind these promos, this statement was not a surprise. His promos felt like organic, fitting him like a glove. Just because they were what he is.

Even if the ride is coming to an end on a bittersweet note, Kross can thank Impact Wrestling for being the first national-televised platform to give him a chance. He was aware of that chance for sure he appreciated. The fact is when you are that talented, other companies start to get interested, odds are raising, and feelings get torn. As seen below, Kross posted a “Chapter Zero” teaser to his YouTube channel, which includes clips from various promotions, including AEW, WWE and NJPW.

As of today, Kross has never stopped working with Lucha Libre AAA, recently worked for Joey Ryan’s BAR Wrestling, Sami Callihan’s Wrestling REVOLVER, AAW, among many others. What the future holds for Killer Kross is unknown. Like his girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux, he could sign with WWE. Or sign with AEW or NJPW. Everything is possible. On a personal level, I feel lucky I was able to write on his first steps on TV. I wish we will continue to chat like we have been used to. And most importantly, I wish my friend the best because he deserves it.

All pics and screencaps courtesy of Impact Wrestling