All Ears Avow

2019’s almost out, and the 20s are almost here. What better Introducing band to finish off the decade than Swindon’s All Ears Avow. We sense big things coming for them in 2020, so get to know them now from their band profile!

Names: Claire Sutton (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Willcock (Guitar), Joe Bishop (Bass), Sean Ivens (Drums).

From: Swindon, Wiltshire.

Your sound: Quirky Pop-Rock for people who like catchy tunes but aren’t afraid of a good riff or ten!

For fans of: Don Broco, Fickle Friends, Yonaka.

A fact about each of you: Outside of the band we are all involved in other avenues of the music industry too. Claire is a producer under the guise of CLS Productions. She works out of a recording studio in Swindon where she records loads of different bands and styles of music. She produced and recorded our latest single ‘Pressure’ as well as a good chunk of our older material.

Jake and Joe work for guitar effects accessories and rig building company ‘The Gig Rig’, and have built pedalboard rigs for the likes of Radiohead, You Me At Six, Graham Coxon and London Grammar to name a few. Sean is a drum teacher and a session drummer – hit him up if you’re struggling to nail that Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’ drum fill.

You all met: Claire, Joe and Sean were in a different band before All Ears Avow and Jake was in another. We all met by playing shows on the same circuit in and around Swindon. We actually toured together as well, towards the end of both bands. When Claire, Joe and Sean called it a day on their previous project, they were looking to start up another with an additional guitarist. Jake and the others had become good friends over the years and was the perfect fit for what would become All Ears Avow. 

The band name came from: Our band name comes from the Brandon Boyd song ‘All Ears Avow’. Avow means to admit or confess something, so All Ears Avow essentially means ‘listen to what we have to say’, which is exactly what we want people to do!

So far you’ve released: 3 EP’s: Reach – 2016, Edge of This – 2017 and Skin & Bones – 2018, and 4 stand-alone singles: ‘Breathe’ – 2017, ‘Burn’ – 2018, ‘Sick’ – 2018 and ‘Pressure’ which we just released on 29th November this year.

The best show you’ve played so far: We were privileged enough to play 2000trees Festival this year. We’ve all been huge fans of the festival for many years, so we were over the moon when we were offered the chance to play. The line-up is always absolutely stellar and it was an honour to share the bill with some of our favourite bands.

We were on pretty early on the last day of the festival so we were a bit apprehensive about what the turnout would be like for our set, but we were totally blown away by the response that we got. From the minute we walked on stage the tent was absolutely rammed and people loved it. It sounds cliché, but it really was a dream come true for us! Huge thanks to every single person who came to watch us that day. 

The worst show you’ve played so far: We’ve played some pretty bad shows where things haven’t gone as planned, like the turnout hasn’t been great, or the sound has been bad, or things have broken/gone wrong, but we’re pretty lucky in that we’ve never really played a truly awful show (touch wood!) We pride ourselves on always doing our best to put on the best performance we can, even when circumstances aren’t great. 

We have had some pretty bizarre things happen at shows though. One time, we played this all-dayer at a pub out in the countryside in Oxfordshire. Not only was the turnout pretty poor, but there was an old lady that lived in the pub and the door to her bedroom was ON STAGE. We had no idea until she came out during our set! She had been watching a movie with the volume on crazy loud so she could hear the TV over us playing, so all we heard when she opened the door was the Jurassic Park theme tune blaring over our music! We felt terrible, but at the same time it was pretty hilarious!

Coming up: We’re touring the UK for Independent Venue Week at the end of January 2020 with our good friends in Floorboards. Dates and tickets are available online. See you out there!

‘Pressure’ is out now. Watch the video below. Keep up to date with the band via Facebook and Twitter.