Festival season is long gone, but as the line-ups for 2020 start to emerge, it’s time to celebrate our favourite festival of 2019 – 2000trees. Let’s take a look at what’s been said about it by some of our favourite bands, and a full interview all about the festival with All Ears Avow.



“It’s a great festival with great people. We played here last year, and it was absolutely incredible and this year was amazing again. And we get treated really well. It’s a really lovely group of people. The people that come here just seem to be really down to earth; there’s no nob heads, there’s just nice people. And you make friends. You walk around, and you meet so many interesting people. And it’s a lovely location” – Danny Garland of Phoxjaw

Photo by Dominic Measons – Instagram @measons

“It’s really nice to finally be down because everyone raves about it – whether they’re crew, press, bands… Everyone’s like, ‘Yeah, Trees is amazing!’ And so far it’s been great” – Max Ellis of The Bottom Line

“It sounds like a really silly thing to say, but it’s absolutely a music fans festival. It’s a muso festival, right?” – Matt Reynolds of Haggard Cat

“This is like us going on vacation but with all of us together in a little campsite, and we get drunk together, and we get to celebrate the hard work we’ve been doing, and it’s lovely that we get to do that at Trees” – Danny Garland of Phoxjaw

2000trees Silent Disco
Photo by Dominic Measons – Instagram @measons

“Everyone I’ve asked ‘How’s the festival been’ and stuff, they’ve been like, “The silent disco’s later!” It seems like it’s a big thing” – Matt Bicker of The Bottom Line on the legendary silent disco

“The waltzers, I’ve been on them 10 times. Last night. I’m not sure if any experience in my life has ever been better than the waltzers. I’m going back on them tonight when we get back. Fuck the silent disco – Ffin Colley of Delaire, The Liar on his favourite thing about 2000trees

2000trees Waltzers
Photo by Joe Singh – Instagram @snaprockandpop

“It’s always about the atmosphere with 2000trees. There’s no atmosphere like it. It’s music fans supporting music fans, and even the bands themselves are made up of people that love music too; that is palpable” – Matt Reynolds of Haggard Cat

“I feel like it’s people here that love music that also wanna get fucked up, rather than people that wanna get fucked up and they also kinda like music. People here are music first but wanna party” – Alex Share of Phoxjaw

2000trees Fridge
Photo by Dominic Measons – Instagram @measons

“Wet wipes, and one time I used a loaf of bread as a pillow which was both practical and delicious” – Ffin Colley of Delaire, The Liar on his essential items to bring to 2000trees

“This festival – you love the bands, and that’s why you come here” – Max Ellis of The Bottom Line



We interviewed All Ears Avow at 2000trees 2019 and discussed gender equality on the line-up, their favourite 2000trees memories, and their favourite things about the festival.

How has 2000trees been for you so far?

Claire: It’s incredible; we’ve had an absolute blast. It’s our favourite place to be; it’s our favourite festival. We’ve all been coming here for years, so it’s really sick to get to play.

Jake: When that email came through, we were at yours [Claire], dancing around your flat.

Claire: We were all together, and I was like, “Guys, we’ve just had an email from 2000trees offering us a show.”

So you’ve really seen it grow, as well.

Jake: I can’t remember who headlined the first year we went. I think we’ve been going for about five years.

Claire: I can’t remember. It wasn’t Twin Atlantic, was it? No, it can’t have been the first year. Might have been Deaf Havana.

Jake: Maybe, yeah, you’re right – it was Deaf Havana.

Claire: No, it wasn’t. I don’t know!

Well, if it was, you’ve come full circle to be playing the same day they’re headlining again!

Jake: Yeah, we’ve come full circle, that’s true – I didn’t think about that! We’ve definitely seen Deaf Havana headline here. And they did their set at The Cave the following year. Where it’s so local to us, it’s perfect.

What’s been your favourite 2000trees memory, out of all the years you’ve been going?

Claire: Bag of wine!

Jake: Don’t say it!

Claire: We had a thing a couple of years ago for Twin Atlantic’s set-

Jake: Bag of wine-gate!

Claire: Basically, Jake took the bag inside a box of wine out of the box, stuffed inside his hoodie, and was walking around with easy access to wine, and he got very, very drunk.

Jake: I just couldn’t be bothered to carry it, so I thought if I drink it quicker, then I don’t have to hold it.

That’s a really smart idea. It’s efficient. I like it.

Jake: Thank you! Downside is I got absolutely rat-assed and do not remember Twin Atlantic at all.

Claire: I remember! I can tell you a few things if you want. There was a lot of shouting, “Freedom!”

Jake: I love mimicking accents, it’s like a habit. And I think loads of booze plus Scottish band is not a good mix for me.

I think festivals and alcohol just go together, really. You just got to accept the fact that you’re gonna be drunk most of the time. A tinny for breakfast.

Jake: Ah yeah, warm Strongbow when you wake up!

Brush your teeth with Dark Fruits.


What would you say is the best thing about 2000trees?

Claire: I think for me, it’s the attitude of the people here. You could go to some other very big festival and… Like, I’ve literally seen somebody run up to a complete stranger and slap them in the face for no reason.

I went to T in the Park one year, and some random middle-aged man threw a whole pint of Tenants at my face for no reason and just ran off laughing.

Claire: See, that’s what you get at the bigger festivals. Or someone will just go push somebody over for no reason.

Jake: Or burning tents!

Yeah, Reading every year!

Claire: Whereas here, you’re more likely to have someone come up to you to give you a hug. The general vibe is just so much better.

I feel like this is really a festival for people who love music. A lot of festivals have quite a general lineup, so people will just go to drink and have fun. People love the music that is here, so they want to enjoy that.

Claire: Everyone’s coming together for the same reason – to watch live music, and that’s all that matters.

Jake: You get so many bands here as well – it’s like a UK music scene Christmas do. You get to catch up.

Claire: Or like a summer BBQ. Literally, we bump into every single person that we’ve played a show within the last 12 months or going further back than that.

Jake: Or bands like live up north and you wouldn’t see them [otherwise]. It’s great.

As festivals go, 2000trees is pretty good for gender equality on the lineup.

Claire: It feels a lot more equal. A year or two ago, somebody took all of the purely male acts off of the [Reading and Leeds] poster and left just the female ones, and it was like, three bands or something. It was probably like Paramore, Milk Teeth and Marmozets, or something.

Jake: And Wolf Alice.

Claire: And that was all that was left, and that was really shocking. Equally, sometimes we get- it probably comes more from bands, jealous if we get an opportunity or something. They’re like, “Oh, they’re only getting it because the festival is trying to fill their female quota.” I’m like, “Well, why haven’t we played Reading festival yet if that’s the case?” 

Jake: We’ve been exploiting you for years!

2000trees 2020 takes place July 9-12th on Upcote Farm, Cheltenham. Tickets are available here.