Bury Tomorrow


It is apt that Bury Tomorrow’s latest album (that they are playing in full on this tour cycle) is called Black flame. They brought the heat to the venue when hitting the stage for the welsh date of the tour on a cold, wet, miserable night in the Welsh capital, with support coming from Blood Youth and Employed to serve.

First to hit the stage to a full crowd is Blood Youth. With good presence and a cohesive look, they got the crowd thoroughly warmed up, and got the night off to an energetic start. However, there were times throughout the set where the vocals from Kaya Tarsus weren’t as strong, but it didn’t detract from the crowd’s enjoyment, with many getting stuck in and singing with passion.

Next to bring the fire is Employed to serve. A truly great band; it was great to see Justine Jones bring it with the vocals, even though at times her mic seemed to be lowered. Vocals got lost behind the instruments now and then for a split-second, but it was still a strong showing for the band who are sure to become bigger and bigger over the next few years with more space to do full production and more room to perform. They captivated the crowd every second – definitely a band to keep an eye on as they are going from strength to strength.

Then, time for headliners Bury tomorrow. From the second they hit the stage, the crowd erupted into pits and song that didn’t stop. Throughout the set, it was obvious the pride the fans have for this band that they genuinely fully support, and are enjoying every bit of the success the band have. They help to push them to new levels, and the band will only be elevated higher and higher over the years.

They are full of charisma – especially lead vocalist Dan Winter-Bates – and have a message that music is important, that it helps with mental health, and that it helps bring light to people in a dark place. That clearly hit home with a lot of the crowd, with some becoming very emotional at the sentiment. It hit home how special this band is to their fans, and it was evident that they brought many of them into the light from a dark place.

After playing Black Flame in full, they played a few oldies that the crowd very much appreciated, and when it came to the last song of the set, the place came unglued. It was such high energy all around, and Davyd Winter-Bates ran up to the balcony and started playing on top of tables. 

The only way for them to go is up over the next few years. With all the deserved success that they are gaining, they will get to bigger stages and bigger productions, and if you add high-quality visuals to their already unmatched stage presence, it will be a spectacle to behold. The guys are becoming a flagship of British metal, and it is in safe hands with them.