After appearing at Thursday’s MLW Opera Cup and the company announced yesterday he will return to MLW next month, ACH is now saying he’s cancelling his upcoming shows and quitting pro wrestling. Some sources say ACH almost walked and didn’t perform at the Opera Cup and was said not to be in a good mood at the show.

Major League Wrestling (MLW) has issued a statement to PWInsider, “We respect ACH’s decision and want him to be happy.” Ever since the article on MLW’s website promoting his signing has been taken down and he is no longer being advertised for their January Dallas show.

ACH and WWE parted ways late last month after the Jordan Myles t-shirt debacle went down. Earlier this month, ACH cut a promo at AAW Unstoppable about indie wrestling taking on “the machine.” Yesterday, ACH posted some tweets about WWE, ROH and Jay Lethal that received a lot of critical feedback from the fans.

Feature image courtesy of MLW