Yungblud rioted onto O2 Academy Brixton’s stage, bouncing around, waving a massive pink flag behind a somewhat see-through curtain which suddenly dropped for the introduction of ‘21st Century Liability’. The crowd erupted. The energy that he brought was unparalleled to any other artist I have seen this year. He jumped around the stage, captivating the crowd; he had them in the palm of his hand.

“In this room, you are my fucking family” – the show was clearly a very emotional one for Dominic. This was his biggest headline show to date; not only was he playing O2 Academy Brixton, but he sold it out. The queue lapped the venue before the doors were even open – there were that many people trying to get somewhere near the front.


Before ‘Polygraph Eyes’, Yungblud called out, “If there is anybody out there that felt like they didn’t have a fucking choice, or that they couldn’t say fucking no, then you leave that in this room tonight.” For ‘Kill Somebody’, he appeared in the middle of Brixton’s enormous crowd and performed the song alone – just him and his electric guitar amongst the fans. The crowd singing back the lyrics was chill-inducing. Fans held up pink lights illuminating the room.

After an outfit change, Dominic came back on stage wearing a skirt as a massive ‘fuck you’ to gender stereotypes. “I love you so much because each and every one of you saved my fucking life! Before I found you, I felt so fucking lost in this world. I got called a freak and reject, and I fucking hated it! But you know what? No one will ever call me that again because I am with my fucking freaks and rejects tonight. I look out on your faces, and I can’t believe I fucking found you!” He then played an acoustic version of ‘Causal Sabotage’. Stripped back, the song was so raw and emotional, and the crowd was hanging onto every line.


The night ends with a phenomenal encore of ‘Braindead!’, ‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’, and ‘Machine Gun’. “This has been the best fucking night of my life, do you understand that?” He called out. This was undoubtedly one of the best gigs I have seen this year.

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