At Pro Wrestling: EVE’s final show of 2019 reigning EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly will be forced, via the 90-day EVE Championship defence rule, to put her ill-gotten title on the line. Speculation as to who will earn this coveted title shot is rife, and all signs are pointing to Laura DiMatteo. Continually thwarted by O’Reilly and her henchmen, against a long-simmering backdrop of personal rivalry, it would make abundant sense for the plucky Italian to challenge for the title – not least because of her actions at the recent SHE-1 tournament, which put Rhia O’Reilly out of commission.

It would make perfect sense, then, for DiMatteo to challenge O’Reilly at Wristlocks and Rhinestones, and no doubt the EVE faithful would not begrudge her the opportunity. DiMatteo has been a perpetual underdog these last couple of years; it’s surely her time to shine. But I’d like to propose an alternative.

Who better to take the villainous O’Reilly down a peg or two than The Princess Diana of Pro Wrestling: EVE? Coventry’s Loudest? The Sultan of ‘Shall I’? A bona fide British wrestling legend who has, to date, pinned such luminaries as Zack Sabre Jr, Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross, Kay Lee Ray and even Jazz – all for a two count?

I am, of course, talking about Jetta.

There are plenty of solid reasons why Jetta deserves a title shot. A long-term EVE legend, Jetta briefly tasted championship gold earlier this year when she and Erin Angel – as ‘Wrestle Friends’ – became the first EVE Tag Team champions. But she was forced to rescind the belts shortly afterwards when it was revealed that Erin Angel – soon due to become Mummy Angel – would be taking a hiatus from professional wrestling. While this is undeniably wonderful news, it also means that Jetta is now devoid of the gold she worked so hard towards – a shot at the big-time feels like reasonable recompense for giving up the tag titles.

There’s also the not-insignificant fact that Jetta, during this year’s SHE-1 tournament, pinned reigning champ Rhia O’Reilly for the win. As statements of ability go, this one is not insignificant: O’Reilly has been unstoppable since her return and had been undefeated at EVE until Jetta’s SHE-1 upset. Not even the formidable Jazz had been able to take her out. It took everything in Jetta’s power to wear O’Reilly down before the time limit expired. That she was able to do that where every other challenger had failed speaks volumes about Jetta’s unrealised potential.

Jetta has held singles gold in other promotions, she’s held the Bellatrix British Championship twice, and held the ABC Women’s Championship for over a year, among other accolades. But the EVE Championship has eluded her, in spite of her lengthy tenure.

Perhaps the most important reason, though, is simply that Jetta is consistently one of EVE’s most entertaining wrestlers. Whether she’s taking on challengers at Hungry Hungry Hippos, or pulling in-ring shenanigans, or simply beating the absolute tar out of The Medusa Complex, Jetta is always a highlight of every show she’s on, nobody does it better. What better way to see in 2020 – Jetta’s 10th year on the EVE roster – than with Pro Wrestling: EVE’s most prestigious title around her waist?

Wristlocks and Rhinestones go down on 14th December at London’s Resistance Gallery, and promises, as always, to be an absolute banger of a show.

All pics courtesy of Pro Wrestling EVE